Awesome Self Care Kit

I made this self care kit for you.


Watch the video and use the PDFs to up-level your current self-care practices.


When you fill your cup, you will have the power to show up how you want to show up to the people that matter most. 

There is a link in the email I sent you to bring you back here, come as often as you want.

5 Steps to Build an Incredible Self Care Rhythm

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"The reason self-care is so important is because if you don't take care of yourself, you have nothing left to give" 


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Self Care List

This list is full of great ideas for you to implement in your life. You need to do things you love to fill your cup and refresh yourself. Try out the things on this list and find what works best for you. Put your faves in the weekly plan.

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Weekly Plan

You can use this to schedule activities from the self care list, belief statements, or other go-to actions you already use. When its scheduled, you don't have to think about it, you can just do it.

Belief Statements JPG.jpg

Belief Statements

These are some of my belief statements, saying these to yourself during meditation or your morning routine, will ground you to what is real and true about you. You can say these any time during the day. Use these or make your own.