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Welcome to my Mini-Training video channel. I add to this weekly so make sure you come by often. If there is something specific you want to see on here then send me a line and let me know, I would love to whip something up for you!

Scroll down the page to check out some of my work with other entrepreneurs as a guest speaker and blog contributor!

Collaborative Work

Blog Post: 5 Keys to Creating a Business

Adriana hosted me on April 15th. I cover the 5 keys that have made the biggest impact in getting my business going and can be applied to any new idea.

Podcast: Decrease your Mom Guilt and Increase your Self Love

I was a guest speaker on the Divine Strength podcast Empowering Women and Spreading Kindness. This was a great session where I dove right into how you can and need to love yourself and don't have to feel guilt as a mom.

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Facebook Live: My Journey Through Motherhood

In this Facebook Live for The Whole Calm, I talked about my journey through motherhood and what I have learned. You can watch this by joining the group and searching Crystal.

Podcast: Finding Joy Through Learning

I was hosted on a Joyful You on April 2nd. We talked all about how you can find joy through learning.

Blog Post: 8 Key Steps to Starting a Business as a Busy Mom

I wrote an article for Inspire Her Health about 8 things busy moms can focus on to help them start their business.

Glass of Milk

Facebook Live: Keys to Building a Successful Business

In this Facebook Live for Samatha Elizabeth, I talked about what has worked for me in starting my coaching business and some keys that all new business owners can use to succeed. You can watch this by joining the group and searching The Keys to building a successful business online.

Bowl of Berries

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