Parent School

Parent School is an intimate coaching and expansion container. Each call will feel like it’s made individually for you.


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As a one-on-one client, you access everything included in the GROUP as well as one-on-one coaching.

What you can expect:

BESPOKE: An intimate and individualized experience tailored to your needs.

INDIVIDUAL: If we get to a concept that we need to linger on for a few weeks, we’ll have the space for it.

PARTNER: If your partner is interested in growing with you, we’ll have them join all/some of the calls (or split up the time as needed). 

COLLAPSE TIMELINE: An acceleration of growth, several of my past clients have found that working with me for just a few months was more expansive and transformative than prior years of therapy.


What’s included:

  1. Program starts January 30th
  2. 8 1:1 coaching sessions (book biweekly in between group calls) with unlimited support via email/voxer throughout (weekdays)
  3. Your partner may participate with you (if wanted)
  4. A bespoke, intimate and individualized experience tailored to your needs.
  5. The 8 workshops, 3 group coaching sessions, PDF resources, audio meditations, and community with the rest of the Parent School group


I would love get to know YOU more… schedule a time on my calendar that works for you, and we’ll connect <3

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$10,000.00 USD

To be a member you need to agree to some ground rules:

- Our privacy statement, disclaimer, and the legal version of the terms and conditions that govern the use of my products and services can be accessed here. To make a purchase and use any services or products from Coaching with Crystal Noelle Ltd. you need to accept them by checking the box that shows you have read and agree to them.

- Treat everyone with respect and compassion.

- What people share during group sessions is private and not for you to talk about outside of Parent School.

- My coaching is advice, I am not a registered psychologist or social worker. If you need that kind of therapy, my services can be complementary but can not be relied on to replace them. 

- Other member's advice they may give to you is theirs, not mine, and I am not responsible for what they say.


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