Parent School - January 30th

Parent School is an intimate coaching and expansion container. Each call will feel like it’s made individually for you. I take the needs of the small group into mind as I create each experience for us.


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What you can expect:

  • Tuning into parenting unique to you. With a connection-based lens, we’ll look at your parenting and assess what is important to you- and help you achieve all of that, and more.
  • Huge opportunities for growth. My past clients have found that they saw success and growth not only in parenting, but other relationships in their lives.
  • Confidence in parenting. Many clients find things like perfectionism, people-pleasing or feeling judged by others affecting their parenting journey. As we go through this experience you’ll notice each of these areas shift.
  • Tune into YOU as the expert of your own family and life. Instead of looking outwards for the answer (books, courses, opinions, experts) you’ll find the answers within.
  • Everything included is created specifically for YOU and your growth.


What’s included:

  • 2 Individual calls. We’ll meet at the beginning to map out your parenting vision, and at the end to cheer on your successes and map out a plan for any continued learning.
  • 8 Group calls. Each group call will include both coaching, education and integration. We will meet every other week, with a week in between to help with integration.
  • Integration weeks. On these weeks we’ll be sharing our successes with the rest of the women in the group, integrating the opportunities for growth and asking questions as they come up.
  • Downloadable PDFs and meditation.
  • Workbook shipped to your home to help with your continued journey.


I would love get to know YOU more… schedule a time on my calendar that works for you, and we’ll connect <3

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$5,000.00 USD

To be a member you need to agree to some ground rules:

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- Treat everyone with respect and compassion.

- What people share during group sessions is private and not for you to talk about outside of Parent School.

- My coaching is advice, I am not a registered psychologist or social worker. If you need that kind of therapy, my services can be complementary but can not be relied on to replace them. 

- Other member's advice they may give to you is theirs, not mine, and I am not responsible for what they say.


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