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I offer packages for individual coaching as well as host two online workshops!

Look through what I have, if you have any questions about what I offer or about my availability just shoot me a message here.

Can't wait to see you!

Info Session

Are you thinking coaching might be the right fit for you?


Book an info session and I'll explain the process and give you a sample of what I do and how it can benefit you! I've been able to help so many people make great changes in their lives!!


What's holding you back from living the life of your dreams?

On the House!


One-on-One Session

Each session is roughly 45 minutes and comes with session notes and supplementary PDFs tailored to your needs.


You also have access to me via messages/email in between sessions for anything that may come up.

$175 CAD

6 Week Primer

Take action in your life and tackle your goals!! In this six-week primer we will uncover the root thoughts and beliefs that are impacting your relationships and self image.


You will learn the skills and gain the tools to change your mindset and perspective and make the changes you want in your life!

$1020 CAD

12 Week Action Plan

Commit to yourself to make the changes you want in your life. You're worth it! You get everything in the six-week primer...


Extra coaching sessions to help you achieve the progress you want!


I'll teach you the basics of how to use the coaching model on yourself so you can self-coach everyday!

$1920 CAD

Positive Parenting Workshop

This 5-week online workshop will send you away with action-able tools to help you parent in a more connected way. We will delve into specific issues that are holding you back from being the parent you want to be!


You'll feel better about yourself and your parenting. You'll feel more connected with your children and have a path to move forward towards joy in parenting!

Includes weekly thought-work, weekly videos and one group coaching call

$149 CAD


Boost Your Business Workshop

In this 8-week workshop, we'll teach you the basics of how to run and grow your business in your community and on social media.


We'll cover topics like de-mystifying hashtags, increasing followers, finding ideal clients, building product suites, increasing confidence and creativity in business, Monday Hour One (scheduling and efficiency) and business goals.

You'll have access to weekly videos and homework and come away with a clear business plan. It includes one group coaching call.

$149 CAD