Faith-Based Parenting


“The ultimate treasures on earth and in heaven are our children and our posterity.” 

Dallin H. Oaks


Does that quote feel true to you?

Or do you sometimes feel...

Like you leave church feeling SO much love and gratitude for your home and family and learning all about UNITY and HARMONY... and then you get home and find yourself being more snappy than you want to be at your kids? Breaking up fights every few minutes?

Maybe you find yourself yelling more often than you'd like to, or noticing that you compare your "joy" to others and wonder if you're missing something? 

Like you struggle to feel complete alignment between how you WANT to parent and how you DO parent? Are you unsure of what exactly to do in the tough moments when you do move out of alignment? 

The knowledge and guidance in this course will lead you to your own unique answers for exactly where your child is at right now- from babies and toddlers, all the way to adult-child relationships- in a way you've probably never learned before.

Do you see the harmful patterns of generational parenting that have been passed down and want to give something different to your kids? Past ways of parenting often looked like using shame and fear instead of peace and connection: anything from spanking and grounding to bribes or threats, sticker charts, fancy reward systems, and taking away favorite toys or video games to gain compliance from toddlers and teens alike. 

You may truly desire to do things differently, but often feel stuck in old habits of parenting, wondering, "What does it actually look like to parent in a different way, and how do I do it?" or "How do I get my kids to do what I want if I don't use force or pressure?"

"It's hard to explain just how much Crystal has helped us. We were very stuck in some difficult parenting situations, and now we are moving forward in much more positive ways. Our hearts and minds are in a much better place, and our relationships have improved drastically because of that."

What does all of this look like in your life? 

  • You find yourself yelling when you don't want to. You want to be in control of your feelings (especially anger and frustration), but you don't know how. You may get snippy, negative, or harsh when you're feeling frustrated (and may fall asleep with a mild dose, or more, of parental guilt)
  • You want to teach your children how to handle their emotions, but you don't understand what that looks like or how to do it, so you just hope that they'll figure it out through books, teachers, or conversations you've had with them.
  • You'd like to drop parenting through shame and fear, and parent more through love, peace, and connection... but find it challenging to do that with YOUR kids in YOUR unique situation. You probably think to yourself, "How the heck do I get them to listen without pushing them?"
  • You seek for ANSWERS to parenting challenges when they pop up and you wonder if your answers are actually coming from God, or if they are your own ideas. This may lead to second-guessing, self-doubt, and confusion- for you and your kids.

An experience from someone in Parent School 

"The coaching techniques and all the tools we have been using have helped me more than what l've experienced in 10 years of seeing a psychologist.. as I feel that I'm truly healing myself."

What you'll learn from me


The world is busy, chaotic, and full. It's easy to take on others' ideas of how we should parent, or get stuck in the same old habits and patterns that have been passed down to us. How does God parent us? How can we use those characteristics to parent our own children, without it feeling so forced?

Throughout this program you'll find your OWN answers, you'll tap into a peaceful way of parenting (and being), and have concrete tools to get you through all of lifes challenges- not just parenting. You'll learn how to listen to God in your parenting and find JOY in your children and family. This will lead to a life full of purpose, intention, stillness, and simplicity... and more acceptance of, and guidance through, the hard and heavy challenges that we all go through. 

"This philosophy has been so amazing. I've made some small changes in the way I think. I've made more conscious choices about how I spend my time on a daily basis and feel more clear on what I really want to do, and I've had a lot of great moments with my kids. It feels miraculous... want to thank you for everything you're teaching"

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This round of Faith-Based Parenting will be taught LIVE on zoom (and recorded for future groups). 

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"I was finally able to get some real help with my parenting. I am not continually beating myself up for my mistakes and I have a much better relationship with myself. This has been a huge shift for me and I will be forever grateful."

What is mine?

You'll learn your role in parenting and break down what your responsibility is, and more importantly, what it isn't. This empowering change will help clarify what to do in parenting- in any situation.

You won't get stuck in "What should I do about this?" or feeling uncomfortable when you parent in a different way than your family members, or random parents at the park. You'll feel grounded in your OWN unique way of parenting, that is tailored to YOU and your kids. No more fighting about "the best" way, with your partner, your parents, or yourself. 


Learning about parent/child attachment, connection, relationships and Christ is where the power to change will come from. Reorienting your relationship with the Divine will allow changes to come naturally. 

This means that you'll feel better about how you show up in the world, in all areas of your life. You'll drop the guilt and shame that so often keeps you stuck, and live your life feeling confident that God is accepting and loving YOU and your heart. 

Creating Space

In order for change to happen, you first have to create a space for it: open up your mind, your heart, and your life. 

You will find that your schedule will have more open time, you'll feel comfortable when choosing rest, and be able to hear answers that come to you about your parenting in moments of stillness, with confidence that they are Divine.

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The course will be taught live on Zoom webinar-style and recorded for future participants

Weekly calls will start June 12th, and be on Mondays or Tuesdays at 9:30 am MT
(if this time needs to shift due to group needs, we can change it)

Call dates: June 12, June 26, July 3, July 10, July 25, July 31st

Calls will be recorded and sent out for those who can't make it live (just as much learning and change can happen from watching the recordings and asking/submitting questions and coaching, you won't miss out if you can't make it live)

A community platform will house all of the calls and communication/support from me and others in the group to help guide you through 

You will have until August 15th to review all call recordings and ask for any support/questions as you go through 

Investment: $500 USD (payment plan available), 6-week course (60-90 minute calls). Your partner may join the calls free of charge.

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