I help mothers build radical connection with their children and completely transform their relationships

I help mothers build radical connection with their children and completely transform their relationships

If you want your children to change, you have to first

Hi I'm Crystal, a certified life coach and parent coach.

I'm the coach that will show you what to do to change your child's behaviour without rewards or punishments. I'm talking about lasting change and natural connection.

I can help you truly TRANSFORM into your OWN parenting expert. You won’t need to ask others to tell you what to do when your kids are struggling, or when you have a bad mom-day… you’ll KNOW!

You can enjoy motherhood. You can LOVE being with your kids as MUCH as you love time away.

You can know exactly WHAT to do and WHEN to do it... and ditch the mom-guilt when you mess up.

You can find yourself again. 

I can help you achieve this. Are you ready? 

Click below and get started by building that radical connection with your child with my free course!


“Crystal immediately made me feel at ease. In the first session, she immediately gave me tools to be a happier, whole person. It was not intimidating, it was comforting.”



I see you mama!

You've tried it all. You’re asking for advice on dozens of Facebook support groups but not sure how to actually DO this whole parenting thing the way you always dreamed.

Deep down you know you love your kids, but so often they seem out of control and after just a few minutes you lose it on them or can't wait get away from them. You let the screens in your life babysit them, so you don't have to deal with them.

All of this just makes it worse. Your life doesn't have to be like this.

I have the solution you need, you can start right now with my free course, you've got nothing to lose and everything to gain.



"My son apologizes now when it is appropriate and not just when we want him to. My whole household is more at peace and manageable."


Radical Connection Parenting Course!

Start developing a Radical Connection with your child today! This mini-course will teach you 2 powerful tools to put you on track so you can completely transform your relationship with your child. A little hint of what is to come for you: when you change this relationship, everything in your home will improve ;)


Included in the course is a series of 5 emails over 8 days that add value to the video trainings. Be sure to keep your eye out for those in your inbox and add me to your safe list or mark as 'not junk' if they get sent to your junk box.

Free Registration

If my emails ever become too much or not interesting to you, it is really easy to unsubscribe. Just make sure you wait until the mini-course is finished so you get the 5 emails included in the course :)

"I realized I was more present with my kids these past few days and we have gotten along better"


"The kids have been taken by surprise because they expected a different behaviour based on the past and that didn’t happen"


"I was able to help my child process emotions this week and was surprised at how well it worked"


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Favorite Podcast Episodes...

The Freedom Moms Podcast Connection Based Parenting

Episode 04 - Radical Connection

Positive parenting goes by so many names, but the gist is always the same: relationship and connection above all. The real power of this philosophy is that children naturally want to love their parents and be close to them and respect them. Listen to the episode to learn how you can make this happen in your home.

The Freedom Moms Podcast Connection Based Parenting

Episode 01 - The Beginning

Parenting is a tough gig, from diapers, sleepless nights to teen hormones and back-talking, I have been through it too and know first hand there isn’t a instruction manual you get when you become a mom. This is the story of the rock and hard place I was stuck between and the moments that changed my life forever.

The Freedom Moms Podcast Connection Based Parenting

Episode 02 - The Shift

Parenting my child and his difficult behaviours kept getting worse, I felt like I couldn’t handle it anymore and finally reached out for help. The changes we experienced were very profound, and I never expected what I was going to have to do to get them.

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One of my favourite quotes

The pauses in our life give us time to build relationships. How can you simplify your life to create more pauses...

Quick facts about me

1. I like almost burnt bacon.
2. My favourite number has always been 13
3. I have a love-hate relationship with hiking.

The Number 1 Rule in Parenting

Children learn self-regulation through co-regulation with us... which happens when we know how to stay regulated through their big emotions.

Coaching with Crystal Noelle
Coaching with Crystal Noelle
Coaching with Crystal Noelle
Coaching with Crystal Noelle