If you want to see changes in your children, change has to start with you.


If you want to see changes in your children, change has to start with you.

I see you mama!

You've tried it all you’re asking for advice on dozens of Facebook support groups but not sure how to actually DO this whole parenting thing the way you always dreamed


...maybe you watch from the sidelines at all the "perfect moms" on Instagram with their clean houses and matchy outfits and feel like you are the only one whose kids are eating scraps from the floor, throwing spaghetti at you, and calling you names


“Crystal immediately made me feel at ease. In the first session, she immediately gave me tools to be a happier, whole person. It was not intimidating, it was comforting. ”



Let me be your guide

I can help you truly TRANSFORM into your OWN parenting expert. You won’t need to ask others to tell you what to do when your kids are struggling, or when you have a bad mom-day… you’ll KNOW!


You can enjoy motherhood. You can LOVE being with your kids as MUCH as you love time away


You can know exactly WHAT to do and WHEN to do it... and ditch the mom-guilt when you mess up


You can find yourself again. 


I can help. Are you ready? 


Click below and let’s get started!



For the first time in years I came home from a holiday without fear. I even feel happy! It’s amazing and wonderful! Thank you for walking me through how to change this.


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