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My Travel Origin Story (part 1)

When I was a little girl I wanted to explore the world. My favourite memory of childhood is hopping on my bike, with no destination in mind, and biking through the woods and streets, the wind blowing my hair. I felt free. Open Alive. I loved that feeling.

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My Travel Origin Story (part 2)

While JD worked on building his business, I struggled to find a healthy balance between working, business building, homeschooling, motherhood, and self-healing. We landed on Vancouver Island for the winter of 2021 and it was the perfect about of cabin-y home-y quiet...

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My Travel Origin Story (part 3)

I know what everyone really wants to know is… HOW?! We get these questions ALL the time. It's what prompted me to start writing my story.

I have time, our first flight is 4 hours and 40 minutes, with no in-flight movies...

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Our 6 Favourite NYC Parks

Coming in at #6 is Washington Square Park (SO much fun!). There always seems to be a lot going on in this park- it’s full of vendors and people playing music. It has a lovely arch and water fountain (I love fountains!).


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Travelling New York With Kids

 The first stop on our grand world schooling adventure is New York City! We have been to New York City with our kids a few times, and we started here because of the lower-cost flights to Europe we could find, compared to out of Alberta.

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The Hard Stuff: Worldschooling with 4 Kids

Travelling is about 1000x harder than I thought it would be... in fact, we almost called it quits and headed home early. Long days, tricky travel plans, uncomfortable accommodations and trying to balance everyone's needs with homeschool and work- has been "next-level parenting" tough. 

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Travelling to England with Kids: Castles and Beaches

A month or so after we booked our flights from New York to Athens, we noticed that we had a quick layover in England. We made a few changes to our flights, that only cost 150 Euro total, and voila! We were able to stay in England for a few days on our way to Greece (I also have to shout out Norse Airlines- it has been our FAVE budget airline of anyone else- by far. I 1000% recommend them).

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Travelling to Greece with Kids: Our Favourite Spots

We LOVED Greece. As we were starting to plan, we researched several fun islands and cities to visit. I had narrowed down my search to Naxos, Paros, Santorini (and maybe Mykonos and Crete)… but then we landed on an amazing private rental that only cost us 400 Euros for the month in a place called Patras.

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3 Days in Paris with Kids

As we researched places to visit, before we left, we got a LOT of opinions both in person and online about where and where not to go. One of the places that several people had told us was overrated was Paris.


I still had a pull in my soul to go there, I blame my French ancestry...


It was definitely worth it!

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One Month In Italy with Kids


The next stop on our grand world tour is Italy! We spent the month of November here- at an Airbnb close to Rome. We looked for something with a steep monthly discount, and close to a train line, that could get us to other locations easily. We landed on the cute beach town of Nettuno.


Our monthly rental was only 1600 CAD (about 1200 USD), it was a slight step up from our place in Greece- but not amazing. We LOVED the town though. It was quiet, and we were the only tourists we ever met the whole month.

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Istanbul, Türkiye, and 24 hours in Oman


 At the beginning of our travels, I really wanted to stick to our budget and travel more “cheap”… not anymore! That slowly morphed into choosing what was comfortable and what made sense for us, over what the lowest-cost option was. Our time in Turkey happened because of the “low-cost option mentality” for sure (which may have not made $$ sense in the end anyway).

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Regulate Your Emotions While Travelling (and life-ing)

Feelings Wheel by Crystal the parenting coach

Emotional regulation is hard to teach if: 

1) You have a deeply feeling or Neurodiverse kiddos that has a hard time with big feelings.

2) You haven't been taught how to feel your own feelings (in childhood if your own big emotions weren't talked about, safe to be expressed, understood, or validated this can feel especially tough). 

To help get you started on your own journey of feelings, and to help you teach your kids about emotions... I've designed a custom Feelings Wheels that helps you recognize and identify what emotion you are feeling. Put your info in below and I will send it to you (and I'll email over a quick list of tips to get you started)!

Awareness is the first step to self-regulation and co-regulation with your children.

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