Worldschooling with 4 kids:
My Travel Origin Story (Part 2)

Crystal The Parenting Coach sitting on a rocky beach

Living Our Dreams


While JD worked on building his business, I struggled to find a healthy balance between working, business building, homeschooling, motherhood, and self-healing. We landed on Vancouver Island for the winter of 2021 and it was the perfect amout of cabin-y home-y quiet in the woods to really start thinking more about what kind of life and business I wanted.


I felt a lot of friction this year. We had started our travelling journey, nice and slow. We spent 5 months with my parents while we got set up, and then ended up in my aunt and uncle's amazing Airbnb for 7 months (seriously... we LOVED it, email me at [email protected] for a discount code).


I was feeling pressure about my online business.... everyone around me was building, growing, pushing (and hustling their way through for the most part). As I followed the "status quo" of build/growth/scale I noticed that my life didn't feel as aligned anymore. I was still living my "dream", but I was more irritable at my kids, and frustrated at life in general. What I teach and help parents with is conscious parenting, and it felt SO much harder to do than it had in the past. The balance that I so deeply desired was really not there as much as I envisioned. 


I Make a Choice


Did I want to scale, become a huge CEO, and make millions? Or did I want time for healing, nature, home-schooling, and travel? Unsurprisingly I chose the latter. I made a choice, very intentionally, to go against the norm (story of my freaking life!) and build my business in a sustainable way for my nervous system, relationships, and lifestyle. I would cater it to my own life, instead of the other way around.


In 2021 I heard of intuition… and started my own search for feminine energy… and a different way of building a business, that was a stark contrast to everything I had seen or tried in the past. My intuition guided me to create a business goal in 2022 to work 15 hours a week, instead of the 20-25 (and beyond) that didn’t seem to work with my lifestyle.


I accomplished this by June of 2022 and decided to take it down further… deconstructing my business and building it back up. I was down to a 10-12 hour work week by that fall, which has continued since that point (although currently is more like 5 or so, as we travel the globe).


Intuition Guides My Business


In the meantime, I’ve spent hours and hours learning more about healing, emotions, our nervous system, trauma, childhood, and attachment. I’ve done my own healing and helped dozens of women, men, and couples along their journey too (which is one of the greatest joys of my life). You can hear more about this on my podcast, Instagram, or by emailing me


I’ve leaned wholly into intuitive business-building and found my MOST success (doubling my income in the same year that I was halving my work hours). I leaned into a wholly intuitive life… what that looked like and felt like… and built my own self-trust to do so. I stopped consuming content from “experts” who “knew better” and started listening to myself. I prioritized meditation, nature, and family time. It has been a huge time of personal and business growth, alongside travelling to Hawaii, loving Vancouver Island, and landing in Mountain View (just outside of the gorgeous Waterton Lakes National Park). 


I truly created the life of my dreams. It's not big, it’s not flashy, but it’s SO me. It’s simple. We have few belongings and no permanent location… but it’s been a great experience in expansion and growth. It is very challenging, and not all the rainbows and daisies that I imagined it would be, but it's my choice, and I love it. 


I Embrace it All


I know now that heavy side of travel… the heartache, the saying goodbye, the sick kids, the lost luggage, the travel woes… I see it all. The good and the bad. I welcome it… but I do know that although travel will stay a huge part of our lives, we won’t continue travelling full-time forever. Some of our family (hubby included) thrive on more stability, and I honour that in them. We'll find that balance between stability-home-community and travel. 


As we embark on a school year of full-time travel, and fulfill a life-long dream… I see how blessed we are to have seen the possibility in something seemingly impossible and am truly grateful that we get to experience the richness that life has to offer.


Follow along as we search for new places explore lands new to us, learn SO much more about culture, diversity, and history… and become a new version of each of us. I can’t wait to fly home (I’m writing this in the air on our first flight- we're starting in New York) and reminisce on the growth and change that has happened for every one of us.



Regulate Your Emotions While Travelling (and life-ing)

Feelings Wheel by Crystal the parenting coach

Emotional regulation is hard to teach if: 

1) You have a deeply feeling or Neurodiverse kiddos that has a hard time with big feelings.

2) You haven't been taught how to feel your own feelings (in childhood if your own big emotions weren't talked about, safe to be expressed, understood, or validated this can feel especially tough). 

To help get you started on your own journey of feelings, and to help you teach your kids about emotions... I've designed a custom Feelings Wheels that helps you recognize and identify what emotion you are feeling. Put your info in below and I will send it to you (and I'll email over a quick list of tips to get you started)!

Awareness is the first step to self-regulation and co-regulation with your children.

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