Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Parenting


Come to the live workshop! The concepts I am teaching will help you get on the path to lasting, positive change.

Change your parenting, your relationships with your children, and most importantly, your relationship with you.

You don't have to do this on your own! I am having a free workshop to help you understand the 5 thought-blockers that hold you back from parenting (and living) in the way you want to, and how to overcome them.


- Workshop Agenda - 

  • Part 1 November 23rd 2pm MST: The root of ALL parenting problems and the key to change
  • Part 2 November 24th 2pm MST: The 5 thought-blockers and what you can do to re-route them
  • Part 3 November 29th 8pm MST: Open coaching call + Q&A

Comments from moms who have gone through this training:

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Join the free workshop where we'll dig deep into how:


Your current parenting is based on the way you were parented. This is the generational parenting cycle. This leads to continuing old authoritarian styles and parenting practices.


You can break out of this cycle by following the proven process I teach in the workshop and tackling your own 5 thought-blockers.


You aren't alone in this, join me and other women seeking to parent in a more positive way, based on connection. Register for the workshop today and I will coach you through this and more.

Change your Thoughts, Change your Parenting

Come to the live workshop and we'll work through these concepts and help you understand the path to lasting, positive change which means that you will be able to enjoy your motherhood, yourself and your children.


Part 1 November 23rd 2pm MST
Part 2 November 24th 2pm MST
Part 3 November 29th 8pm MST

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