Emotional Intelligence

is one of the best indicators of future success for our children BUT it can be hard to teach and isn't usually taught in school. 

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Emotional Intelligence

is one of the best indicators of future success for our children

BUT it's hard to teach, and isn't being taught in schools


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Your Superpower Brain

An Emotional Intelligence program for Teens, Families and Young Adults

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What I wish I had learned in high school and am now determined to help my children with:

  • Building emotional resilience (how to go through tough times and support yourself through them)
  • High emotional intelligence (how to understand your brain more, and relate to others better because of that knowledge)
  • Self-regulation (how to accept, feel and process all emotions)
  • Shame and self-worth (how to love yourself, and handle negative self-talk)
  • Self-confidence... and more (get to know YOU and believe in YOU too!)


Wizard Drawing from Your Superpower Brain workbook

How well are you doing at teaching your kids, teens, or young adults these crucial skills?



Do you want support?


This course is designed for teens, tweens, and young adults. It can be done individually or as a family. It won't just teach you WHAT to do, it'll show you HOW to do it... so you can feel confident that your kids are learning what they need to have an emotionally healthy and happy life.

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This course is made up of 12 modules:

  • Video Training ~ Short and engaging created to teach and help you implement the most effective mindset and emotional tools.¬†
  • After each video take time to think about the module, what you learned, and how it applies to you or your family. Talk it out with your parents or family.
  • Bonus videos: Somatic Toolbelt to help you when times get tough. Anxiety, big emotions, and stress will come, and you'll have the exact tools to help you through (tapping, breathing, meditation, etc.)
  • A course workbook to¬†amplify your learning and growth¬†~ can be done individually or as a family.
  • The Brain Gym exercise book¬†to take notes,¬†and help with the daily exercises
  • The PDFs are high-resolution full color and digitally fillable¬†so your teen can take notes and complete the exercises on their phone or computer.

Workbooks are designed to be fun and engaging to keep your tweens and teens growing and learning.

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What's included? You will get:

  • 12 Modules of Video Training.
  • Bonus Somatic Toolbelt to help with processing big emotions like anger and anxiety.
  • A course workbook to focus your thoughts and guide the learning experience throughout the video lessons.
  • Bonus training for parents: teens and screens.
  • The Brain Gym exercise book¬†to take notes, and do¬†daily work.
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My Life Changed in One Simple Conversation


Years ago I was really struggling in my parenting- I had some neurodiverse kids and didn't feel like I had the tools to help them, or myself. I hired a therapist for just ONE session- and within that meeting, there were just a few words and phrases said that completely shifted my mindset. This conversation set me on a completely different trajectory in my life and parenting... and over time changed my kids too. From ONE conversation. And within that meeting- just a few words. 

Change can come quickly. When hearing new perspectives, learning new tools, or questioning your thinking, change can happen in just a moment. Even if all you do is watch the video modules- the shifts WILL happen for you (and your kids, if you're doing it as a family)... small and simple shifts will mean huge changes over time. 

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