Enjoy your Motherhood Journey

Are you falling asleep at night feeling like you're failing your kids?

Do you struggle with defiant or difficult children?

Do you yell more than you'd like to and resort to threats/bribes to get your children to listen?

Do you want to have a different relationship with your children? One that you enjoy again? One where your children feel safe and free to express any emotion and talk to you about all their struggles

It is possible

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All The Tools You Need To Heal Yourself From The Inside Out

When the mother chooses to look inward and heal herself, generations of children are changed. The most effective way to raise emotionally intelligent adults is to become one ourselves first.


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Don't wait for years to change... the change can start right now. With you. I believe in YOU, I believe in these tools and I believe that change is possible. 

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Are you looking for a 1:1 tailored-to-you experience?


*You will learn how to love and trust yourself. This is the first step to transforming your parenting, building radical connection. 

*You will experience the miracle of what you didn't think was possible: lasting change in your child's behaviour.

*You will learn how to tap into your inner parenting expert, so you can ditch all the courses and books, and know exactly what to do in your situation, with your unique child. 

Take control of your life path and change GENERATIONS to come


This is the parenting cycle:

Most of our parents parented in a way that was authoritarian/dictatorial or way on the other side of the spectrum, permissive parenting.

Their parents did too. So did their parents. We parent in the way that we were parented, and in the way that we see happening around us.

The problem with this is that rewards, bribes, threats, and yelling to get our kids to do what we want breaks down our relationship with them. It also passes down emotional baggage that they then have to sift through and heal as adults. 

If this continues they won't want to spend a lot (if any) time with us as adults... they won't have the tools to parent in healthy ways... and we perpetuate this cycle to our grandkids and great-grandkids. 

It takes conscious WORK and EFFORT to do the inner healing necessary to parent in a different way. An intentional way. An intuitive way. 

It is natural, but we have to first clear out our own mindset and emotional baggage to get there

Healing the parent-child relationship from the inside out starts with US working on US, not focusing on changing THEM.

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16-Week LIGHT Coaching Package for Mamas


Are you struggling to parent your child in the way that you want because of their difficult behaviours? This 1:1 program will change ALL of that, starting with the root cause.

In these sessions we'll uncover the cause of what's hindering the amazing relationship you want with your child. This program is designed for you! You will integrate all of the tools and skills I teach. 

We will dig into:

-Stuck emotions and processing them

-Past beliefs blocking you from tapping into your intuition

-Thought patterns that keep you stuck in a parent-child relationship that is leading nowhere

By the end of this 16-Week LIGHT program you can expect to: 

-Know the basic coaching tools to help yourself move through every problem that comes up with your children and feel confident in your solutions.

-Work through the self-healing process so that you can enjoy being around your kids and that they will start to listen and obey naturally, without the use of bribes or threats. 

-Their positive behaviour will increase exponentially and their negative behaviour will decrease drastically. 

-Your relationship with yourself will improve by leaps and bounds and you will start to treat yourself with just as much care, love and compassion as you do your children.

-Feel LIGHT and FREE, not burdened down by your triggers which means that you will be able to achieve anything you put your mind to

You get bi-weekly sessions with notes and homework every other week to help integrate the learning from our sessions.


I will be in this 100% for you, if you can match that, the changes you will see in yourself and your family will be incredible and amazing.

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