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Crystal, The Parenting Coach

I help successful women increase their parenting skills and become their own parenting experts






Becoming Your Own Parenting Expert


I'm the Parenting Coach for Moms, helping YOU to LOVE spending time with your AMAZING kids. My approach is a unique combination of life coaching, somatic work, and connection-based parenting. 

Join me as we increase your confidence and trust in the parenting skills you already have and help you to turn inward for answers. You'll be amazed at the changes you'll see in your kids, as we focus inward, instead of on them. Let's make parenting simple. 


You're in the right place.

You're not alone.

The effort is worth the reward. 


"It will take just one generation choosing gentle, compassionate, respectful parenting to change the world for all future generations. Let's do our part to change the world, one little heart at a time."

- L.R. Knost
Welcome to Parent School


  • Leave the scripts and how-to's behind and get to the root of parenting challenges: why we're triggered by our kid's behaviours and how to heal

  • Increase your parental intuition: lean into your own personal authority and create parenting solutions as unique as the child they're for

  • Ditch the outside opinions of what your parenting "should" be like, and parent in your unique way: living life in your own way, with confidence and ease

  • Understand how to utilize you and your partner's unique strengths in parenting, even when they are different (they usually are)

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Client Stories


Before Coaching… I knew I was a good mom, but I wasn’t doing all the things that I wanted to be doing in parenting. Things sometimes felt like a burden. I knew it was time to turn things around. I was reading all the (parenting) books everyone told me to read- and it didn’t feel like it fit for me.
Now… I do it differently now than a lot of the books say, but I feel way more connected to my kids. I trust myself instead of “the books”. I feel like I know what to do. I have more compassion for myself and for my children. I feel way more at peace when I go to bed every night. I feel more confident in my life in general.

Listen to her full journey on the podcast: CLICK HERE.

Listen to another client story - on the podcast
How 1 mom decreased meltdowns and increased connection

A little about me...


I'm a Certified Professional Life Coach, a mother of 4, a lifelong learner, leader, homeschooler, adventurer, and avid reader. I am committed to building connection in every area of my life... starting from within. 

For over a decade I have studied the works of professionals like Brené Brown, Sue Monk Kidd, Gordon Neufeld, Deborah MacNamara, and dozens of other experts who chose a route other than the norm. 

I have a degree in psychology, a certification through The Life Coach School, and am Dare to Lead certified (Brené Brown). I have helped dozens of women (and couples) through parenting challenges of all shapes and sizes... centered in connection and intuition. 

Parent School will teach you how to...

Find confidence in your unique parenting style, without waffling from too strict to too permissive

Increase and amplify the parenting skills you already have so that you can handle any parenting challenges that come your way

Teach your children the skills you want to instill them with, in clear and confident ways

How is this different from other programs? 


1) Tapping into your inner magic- you have unique parenting skills already. You are successful and amazing- we are going to amplify that success in parenting. We all have intuition, and with some guidance, this will become your superpower.


2) Most parenting support focuses on what we should DO (spend more time with our kids, say certain phrases to them, look them in the eyes while we talk etc.). These are what I call "bandaid solutions". We don't need others to tell us what to do, we need to discover it for ourselves. This work of self-mothering is all about uncovering triggers so that you can be emotionally responsive and teach your kids how to be also. This isn't just done through our mind (thought-work), but also somatically.


3) When parenting in your own individual way, it's common to feel like others aren't on board (and maybe even judging your parenting a little bit). We'll work on getting clarity and confidence- so you can be YOU with gusto- not worrying about others. 


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What Parent School Looks Like

The next group begins on February 27th.


Workshops will be held every other week and will teach you everything you need to know to leave you feeling confident in your parenting and life. They are approx 2 hours.


Group Coaching

Integration of what we're learning is the MOST important thing. Group coaching in each of our workshop calls will help you to integrate and feel supported by a community of women on the same journey as you. There may be additional group coaching calls, we will make sure that everyone gets a chance to be coached.


Member Area

Even if you miss some calls- integration and learning happen every step of the way. Past participants noticed significant changes even when they were able only to watch recordings. You'll get access to the recordings and meditations for the duration of the course.


You'll have access to an amazing community of women, dedicated to this journey, just like you. A vibrant community platform, not on social media, is where we can connect and get to know each other. I'll be answering questions, giving thought-work, and coaching throughout the experience. 

6 Workshop Modules

Thoughts & The Power of Our Mind

Thoughts create our feelings and fuel our actions. Thoughts are the basis of all sustainable change. We'll learn and integrate mindfulness tools to help make huge shifts in our life and parenting, all through our thoughts. 

Becoming Shame Resilient

Some thoughts are easier to change than others. "I'm a terrible mom" or "Maybe I'm adding to generational trauma, not healing it" can feel really painful. Shame can be healed and moved through, but it takes more than just thought-work. We will learn, heal and come away feeling empowered to help our children do the same. 

Emotional Regulation

One of the most common struggles we have as parents is feeling our emotions, without reacting to them. This is also one of the top skills we want to teach our children. In this module we will learn to do both, with supportive somatic tools we can use ourselves and teach our kids. 

Learning Isn't Linear

Learning doesn't go from 1 to 2 to 3... its important to circle back and learn things again. In this module we will review our past learnings, go over current challenges and leave feeling more grounded in the changes we are seeing in our life and parenting.

Intuition and Self-Trust

We are our own secret superpower. We all have parental intuition (and life intuition). We are tuned out, as a society, of our own inner power and authority. In this module, we dig into self-trust, and inner magic (intuition) and learn how to create unique and amazing solutions in our parenting.

Teaching Through Connection

When we parent through force (rewards, yelling, bribes, punishment) we don't create the type of future relationship we're looking for, and our kids don't listen and respond well, over time. Learning how to harness the power of connection, instead of coercion, will heal our relationships and improve our children's behavior over time as well. 

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