The Parenting Coach Podcast with Crystal

S05|25 - Before + After Parenting Coaching: Camille’s Journey Through Parent School

Jan 02, 2023

Parenting Coaching is SO much more than just a conversation. It’s SO much more than a how-to guide, quick scripts or advice. It’s deep. It’s healing. It’s transformative… in every area of your life. Sharing our stories is powerful, and I’m elated to bring you a deep and special story of parenting change today, from my client Camille.

On the podcast today:

  • My client Camille shares where she was at before parenting coaching and how we found each other
  • Her goal of having deep and connected relationships with her kids and how she reached it
  • How Camille listened to THIS podcast and thought “that could be my story too” and jumped right into coaching
  • What has changed for her throughout coaching, and what her parenting is like now (emotional regulation is KEY in this story)
  • The importance of validating our children’s emotions, and being their safe space on their worst days
  • “Relationship matters most” and “my kids are doing their best”- how to use these mantras to change your relationship with your kids


Coaching has changed my own life, and the lives of my clients. More connection, more healing, more harmony, and peace in our most important relationships. It increases confidence in any parenting challenges and helps you be the guide to teach your children the family values that are important to you- in clear ways. If you feel called to integrate this work in a deeper way and become a parenting expert, that’s what I’m here for.

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