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S03|22 - The Path to Change: Self-Acceptance and Food with Dani Spies

Jan 24, 2022

Dani Spies is a mind-body health and weight loss coach and holistic nutritionist who is passionate about helping you feel better, eat better and create a healthy relationship with your food and body so you can reach your health and weight loss goals in a kind, sustainable way (without dieting).  She is the founder and host of Clean & Delicious a weekly cooking show and blog that features hundreds of simple, nutritious everyday recipes and cooking tips to help you make healthy eating easy.  

She is also the founder of The Don't Diet - a 6-week mind+body weight loss course with live weekly coaching that teaches women how to STOP dieting and reach their weight loss goals in a kind, SANE, sustainable way. 

In our conversation today:

  • Dani’s personal journey with weight loss and food
  • Dropping the need to change and loving us where we’re at
  • Tips for small and sustainable growth

Connect with Dani:
WATCH Clean & Delicious TV on YouTube
IG: @clean_and_delicious


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