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S04|11 - Creating Intimacy and Connection in Relationships with Master Coach, Aimee Gianni

May 09, 2022

Aimée Gianni, MS, is a Marriage & Family Therapist, and a Master Coach Instructor specializing in Intimate Relationships. She helps her clients create strong, loving, joyful relationships and meaningful lives that they love, full of authenticity, connection, passion, fulfillment, and physical well-being. It’s her favorite thing to do! You can learn more about her work at and follow her on Instagram @aimeegiannims

In this conversation we cover:

  • What a healthy relationship with ourselves looks like in the real world
  • How to know if we have an unhealthy relationship with ourselves
  • How we think and feel about us, and how that impacts our partnerships
  • Creating intimacy and connection with our partners starts with working on us
  • How to disentangle ourselves from our partner, and creata a differentiated self


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