The 3 Hidden Superpowers you didn’t know you had AND how to use them!

Jan 18, 2021


I love a good action movie. Superhero films have been all the rage lately. My favourite ones are the origin tales, where an unknowing “ordinary” person realizes they actually have superpowers! Luckily for me, I get to watch my clients discovers their superpowers on the daily. It’s so fun! But wait, don’t get this confused with the shame-inducing idealizations of perfect “supermoms”- if you’ve been around my work at all, you know that’s not my style. 


Let me share with you three ACTUAL superpowers we all can discover and use to make incredible things happen in our lives. 


1)    Getting to know the future you.


This is my very favourite superpower. The key to all three. We all have access to it, but often don’t use it. This doesn’t have to be a complex process. Let me introduce you to your future self in three simple steps:


Step 1- Take a few deep breaths. Close your eyes and envision the future you. 

What are you like in the future? I like to call my future self, Crystal 2.0. I imagine her as being self-confident, fiercely loving and compassionate — meeting her own needs and caring for herself in a deeper way, so she can better care for those she loves. 


Don’t focus on the extrinsic things like where you’ll live, how you’ll spend your money, or what car you’ll drive, but focus on who YOU are. Your attributes, personality and characteristics. 


Step 2- Journal. What is she like? What does she feel? How does she spend her day? What’s different about her than who I am now? How does she treat herself and others? What’s important to her? 


Step 3- Come up with a word, idea or image that reminds you of her, so that you can easily bring her to your thoughts. When I want to summon my future self I have a clear image come to mind- I picture her (me!) with a genuine smile on her face as she hikes (easily!) up the side of a mountain with her children at her side. She is happy, content and strong. One of my clients thought of being filled with light, another one as a rock climber… the possibilities are endless. The way she appears to you will reveal what you most deeply care about and desire to grow within your soul. 


2)    Tapping into your inner wisdom and natural instincts for answers.


You may be wondering how #1 was a superpower and what the purpose of getting to know You 2.0 is.  


Here’s the secret sauce: once you can envision your future self, you can go to her for wisdom! She can help you when you’re stuck in how to deal with a particular situation - with your teen, or what to do about a sleepless toddler or a cranky sister-in-law.  She has the answers! 


She knows what boundaries to set, how to care for herself and has the wisdom of what to do in each unique situation.  This is different than polling your friends or Facebook groups, asking your mom or even consulting the “experts”. These answers are coming from deep within your personal framework of unique values and so they honour who it is YOU want to become. 


I like to go to her and ask: “What is my next right step, right now?” “What’s one thing I should do or focus on?” As any wise guide, she won’t give us more than we are ready to handle.  Seeking only the next necessary piece will give us the clarity we so often seek to continue forward- certain the path we are on is leading us where we actually want to go!


3) Let your future self care for your current self 


Often superhero’s, while learning to use their powers, will have a mentor- someone wiser and more experienced to help train and teach them. The fact that you’re here, means you are seeking to be the best parent you can be— that you are wanting to learn and grow. Sometimes in that desire, we can start looking outside ourselves, listening to advice that doesn’t seem to quite fit us or our family. 

I truly believe the best “expert” for you and your kids is you! 


This is where that superhero secret sauce comes into play again. When you discover your future self, she not only offers you answers but can be that caring nurturing influence as we grow. Just like we strive to be for our kids! 


 It’s kind of like having a conversation between an upset child and calm adult. Our upset child brain might be spewing out thoughts like: “I can’t do this!”, “This is too hard!”, “I don’t know how!”, “I don’t want to deal with this”. 


Our parent brain (2.0) comes in and soothes her: “You’re doing your best”, “It’ll get better”, “I know this sucks, but you’ll make it through”, “You can handle this”, “It’s okay to be sad and cry for a while, this is a sad thing”. 


Be that parent for your inner child. 

Be you own source of intuitive wisdom. 

Trust she has the answers that are right for you!

Trust that you are slowly, but surely, becoming her! 

You are becoming all you are meant to be.


 And you, my dear, are super. 


All our love, Crystal (& Crystal 2.0)

p.s. remember, changes happen within US first, not them <3



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