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Parent School


Parent School, a 8-week intensive program that will leave you with tools to simplify connection-based parenting, increase confidence, and give you the ultimate "how-to" guide for modern parenting.

It is focused on guiding YOU through your own work and then using those same principles to help parent your children. Includes workshop modules, group coaching, and a workbook- all expertly curated to give you the precise changes you desire.

Tuition $2500

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Faith-Based Parenting


Faith-Based Parenting is a 5-week online course created to deepen your understanding of and relationship to God and use that love to support yourself and your children through the lens of faith.

You will learn to unshame parenting and lean into love, leaving you feeling connected to God in a deeper and more intimate way. Your relationship with God, yourself, and your kids will never be the same. 

Tuition $500

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Superpower Brain


This 12-week digital course is designed as a super simple way to teach your kids all of the emotional wellness tools and support they need before they leave home. 

Your Superpower Brain is a family-based program that teaches emotional resilience and intelligence, shame work, regulation and mindset principles. Kids will finish the program understanding their minds and emotions more deeply, and know how to use the new skills they've learned to have successful future relationships at work and home. It is suitable for older tweens and all ages of teens and young adults.

Tuition $299

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Intuitive Business Coaching


Individual intuitive coaching is available on a limited basis. Bring feminine energy and flow into your business- dropping outside visions of what "success" is and creating your unique vision. Coaching packages are $10,000 for 6 months (introductory rate). Connect with me on Voxer/Email with any questions or submit the form below and I will connect with you. 

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Voxer handle: @theparentingcoach

Email: [email protected]

Learn more about Intuition in life and business on these episodes: 

*Intuitive Goals Masterclass episode + Future Self meditation
*Coming Back To Oneself



A single session of hypnotherapy. You can expect a 60-75 minute call where we process through a subconscious belief from your past. You'll leave the session with extra ideas to help cement the change- sessions can be recorded and sent to you if wanted. 

Session fee $500

Direct any questions to my Voxer or email.

Voxer handle: @theparentingcoach 

Email: [email protected]

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Somatic Breathwork


Single session. Wear comfy clothes, bring a water bottle and a journal. We will move through subconscious belief patterns and stuck emotions through music, movement, breath, and meditation. You can expect 60-75 minutes for this session. Any questions can be sent to my email or Voxer.

*If you are looking for me to facilitate a group either in-person, or online, please reach out via Voxer or email. 

Session fee $500

Voxer handle: @theparentingcoach

mail: [email protected]

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Podcast Road Map


I've created a podcast roadmap with hand-picked episodes to help you work through 5 common blocks to connection-based parenting. Subscribe below and I'll send you the roadmap today.

The Parenting Coach Podcast with Crystal