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S03|09 - Dealing with difficult relationships with Jody Moore

Oct 25, 2021

After having her first two kids, Jody Moore struggled with work/life balance, embracing motherhood, and liking herself. As an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints she felt guilty for not loving the role of mother and wife and turned to life coaching for help. The transformation she experienced not only helped her at work and at home, it strengthened her testimony of Christ leading her to dive into learning the tools of coaching and to leave her position as a corporate leadership coach to launch her own coaching practice. Jody is certified through The Life Coach School and completed Master Coach Certification in 2018.

Today Jody has helped tens of thousands of people through her top-rated podcast Better Than Happy as well as her coaching membership program Be Bold. She has 4 children ages 6 – 15 and resides in Spokane, Washington with them, her husband, and their French bulldog Finn and cat Oscar.

What we discuss on today’s episode:

  • Jody’s background and how she got started with Life Coaching
  • How to deal with “difficult” people in our lives
  • Mirroring neurons and momentum in relationships
  • Setting clear boundaries with people we love
  • Dropping judgement and replacing it with compassion and curiosity

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Listen to her podcast: Better Than Happy 
Find her on IG here: @jodymoorecoaching


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