The Parenting Coach Podcast with Crystal

S05|09 - Living into Your Human Design with Lauren Cash

Sep 12, 2022

Lauren Cash is a Master Certified Coach who specializes in time and energy management. She particularly loves helping client-based digital business owners work less than 22 hours a week while not sacrificing their income desires, by aligning with their Human Design.

In our conversation you’ll hear:

  • Lauren’s fascinating transition from eating disorder dietician to working at The Life Coach School
  • The big permission slip Lauren got in life when she started to learn about Human Design
  • How living life “outside the lines” is more than awesome
  • How to get started on your own Human Design journey and craft a life that feels good to you, even if it’s not the “norm”

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Episode Transcript


Crystal The Parenting Coach: Hi, I'm Crystal The Parenting Coach. Parenting is the thing that some of us just expected to know how to do. It's not like other areas of your life where you go to school to be taught, get on the job training, or have mentors to help you learn. Now, you can get that help here.

I believe that your relationship with your children is one of the most important aspects of your life, and the best way that you can make a positive impact on the world and on the future. I've made parental relationships my life study, and use life coaching tools with connection-based parenting to build amazing relationships between parents and their children. 

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Welcome to the podcast, Living into Your Human Design with Lauren Cash

Before we dig into today's episode, I want to remind you about the name change from The Freedom Moms Podcast to The Parenting Coach Podcast. 

Lauren Cash is a Master Certified Coach who specializes in Time & Energy Management. She particularly loves helping client-based digital business owners work less than 22 hours a week while not sacrificing their income desires, by aligning with their Human Design.


What Lauren Cash does, and how she got started

Crystal The Parenting Coach: Hello and welcome. I have a fun interview for you today. My friend, Lauren, is on the podcast, and I'm going to let her introduce herself and tell her a little bit about, or tell us a little bit about what she does. And also, I would love to know too, how you even got into coaching in the first place. I always think those are fascinating stories. So, tell us all about that.


Lauren Cash: Awesome. Thanks so much for having me, Crystal. I'm Lauren, Lauren Cash, and I am a Time & Energy Coach, is what I'm calling myself these days.


Crystal The Parenting Coach: Love it.


Lauren Cash: I love helping people work through this time paradigm that we have in our minds and really align ourselves with, I use Human Design and Gene Keys modalities to help us align to what feels correct for us and tap into our intuition for decision-making so that we can have a more balanced life – and only work when we want to work and do the things that we want to do and have it feel a lot more fun and useful. How did I get into coaching? I got into--


Crystal The Parenting Coach: Okay. First of all, I have to say that I love the, I love the word 'Easeful'. That's awesome. 


Crystal The Parenting Coach: Thanks.


Lauren Cash: And I also think that that's exactly the vibe of this podcast and of my audience is helping us find that balance between both motherhood, parenting, all the different roles that we fill…but then also carving out time for like us, like personally, just like who we are.  

I know that you're so into that, so I am excited, excited to hear more about that, especially the Human Design because I don't know tons about that yet. But yes, tell me how you got into coaching. How did-- How did this work out for you?


Lauren’s fascinating transition from eating disorder dietician to working at The Life Coach School

Lauren Cash: Yeah, so I was-- I got a Master's in Psychology, and then I was getting-- I had dropped out of a PhD program. I thought I was going to be a psychologist. 

I still really wanted to help people with eating disorders, so I was trying to figure out if I didn't get my PhD, how could I still help folks with that? And I decided I could be a dietician. 

I had taken a bunch of science classes because I thought I was going to be a pharmacist before that. So, I decided I would become a dietician, and specialize in eating disorders and be an Eating Disorder Nutrition Therapist. 

So, I actually finished all of that. And while I was doing that, I ended up, I was really interested in being an entrepreneur the whole time. I knew once I became an Eating Disorder Nutrition Therapist, I wanted a private practice, for sure. 

And I wanted a hybrid practice; so I wanted in-person clients and then I wanted also to do group coaching, or like group programs online. And I had like a really awesome blog and Instagram presence, like back then, on like all things Eating Disorders and stuff like that. 


Crystal The Parenting Coach: How cool!


Lauren Cash: I was interested so much in online, like digital entrepreneurship – back then – which I still am, obviously, we both are. And while I was into that, I was listening to a podcast called Being Boss, and they had Brooke Castillo on their podcast as a guest podcaster. 

And then I found her podcast, The Life Coach School Podcast, and started listening to it then. So, I was listening to her, already had my Master's in Psychology; and I loved the tools that she was talking about, the self-coaching model and a lot of her mindset stuff really resonated with me. 

I still remember being a Diet Tech in an Eating Disorder Treatment Center, really struggling with it, and listening to her episode called No Hard Days. And that was really challenging for me to believe her, that there were no hard days when you were in eating disorder treatment. 


Crystal The Parenting Coach: Yeah. 


Lauren Cash: And that was really changing for me. So, I really wanted to get certified as the life coach then when I was still in grad school, and I even did like a sales call when Jodi Moore was still working for the school. 


Crystal The Parenting Coach: I love this. 


Lauren Cash: She was like, 'It's going to be $6,000.' And as a grad student then I was like, 'There's no way I can pay $6,000.' So, I just put it on the back burner and kept listening to the podcast. 

Then fast-forward like five years or something like that I was finished – probably not that many years, but something around there – I was finishing my last graduate degree and getting my registered dietician license or registration here.

And I was working for an eating disorder treatment center, but building my private practice at the same time. And I was working like 30 hours a week building or 30 hours a week at the program for the eating disorder treatment center. 

I was the Program Dietician for like 30 hours a week, and then I was doing my private practice on the side…but the private practice got to a point where I could take on more clients, but I had no more time available and then I had this 30-hour week job. 

I needed to transition, and I didn't know how I was going to do that because I still didn't have enough clients yet. It was like chicken and egg stuff happening. When I got an email, it used to be called Friday Coach Like from The Life Coach School. 

And in the PS, they were hiring a Customer Support position and it was going to pay that-- So, you would get paid your hourly amount, plus you would get access to Self-Coaching Scholars, their program at The Life Coach School, which I had just joined like two months prior to this email, you would get access to both. 

And those combined, basically, were the amount of money I was making as a multiple master, like dietician, in this treatment center program.


Crystal The Parenting Coach: Oh my goodness.


Lauren Cash: I was like, 'What if I could do this really flexible customer support job, build up my practice while I'm doing that-- 


Crystal The Parenting Coach: Yeah. 


Lauren Cash: '-instead of working for this treatment center?' So, I applied, and it was like a crazy series of events. I ended up getting the physician, thanks to Kim. And so, I ended up working for the school then for like two and a half years. Kept getting promoted while I was there, got certified as a life coach and a master certified coach while I was there. So, that's how I got into coaching. It's a long story but super fun.


Crystal The Parenting Coach: That is a long story, but I love hearing people's stories because there's always something cool that kind of like, you know, got them into that whole situation. 

We only meet people like, you know, once they're already coaches; we don't often get to hear that story. So, thanks for-- Thanks for sharing that. 

I also did my Degree in Psychology and was looking for a Master's program in Psych when somebody just randomly invited me to an evening that a life coach was doing on relationships. 

And I thought, 'I've always been meant to do this, like this is the thing that I need to do.' And it just like called me, and I'd never heard of Brooke or Jodi or any of the, I don't know, I'd never heard of anybody. 

And even when I registered and sign up, I said something like, "I'm going to this program called The Life Coach School by Brooke Castillo." I didn't even say her name right. And my father-in-law was like, 'I think you pronounce it Castillo.' 

And I was like, 'Oh, okay.' And I like, I'd literally signed up in like a week of finding out what this even was--  


Lauren Cash: Oh my God, that's amazing.


Crystal The Parenting Coach: -because I just knew that it was the right thing. And I met all these people who were like, 'Oh, how long have you been, you know, interested in life coaching?' And I'm like, 'I didn't even know what a life coach was a month ago.' So cool.


Lauren Cash: That's awesome. I love it.


Crystal The Parenting Coach: And that was-- Yeah, that was a few years ago for me. I think three years ago is when I started my certification, this month. Yeah. 


Lauren Cash: Wow.


Crystal The Parenting Coach: It's so fun.


Lauren Cash: What is your Human Design authority? 


Crystal The Parenting Coach: -decision-making--


Lauren Cash: Yeah. Your decision-making strategy and Human Design.


Crystal The Parenting Coach: Yes. I wanted Lauren to come on the podcast today, you guys, because she knows all the things about Human Design; and I'm interested in, I love learning more about just personality styles and energy and all of those things. 

So, I'm a manifesting generator, that's about all that I know about it. And anytime that I meet another manifesting generator, I'm like, 'Oh, yep, yep, that's me.' I create a lot of things; and I'm kind of like, go, go, go. 

And I now make decisions quickly. I used to think that I was very indecisive, but that's something that I really worked on changing. And now, I really do make decisions quite quickly. I like think about it and then I'm like, 'Okay, this is-- this is the thing.' And then I go for it.


Lauren Cash: So, are you-- I bet you're-- You must be sacral then.


Crystal The Parenting Coach: That sounds familiar.


Lauren Cash: A pure manifesting generator because-- So, you can either-- There are two decision making strategies you can be if you're a manifesting generator. One is sacral or it'll say maybe on some of the softwares when you put in. 

So, in order to get your Human Design chart, if you don't know already, you put in your where you were born and exactly when you were born; and that's about it. And they'll tell you what your Human Design, a lot of details. You'll see this like really crazy body graph with a bunch of shapes and crazy things. Anyway--


Crystal The Parenting Coach: I should have had mine up when we were talking. I can have it somewhere.


Lauren Cash: It’s okay. It's okay. So, if you're a manifesting generator, you can be one of two types of authorities which authority and Human Design is just how you're meant to make intuitive decisions, simply. 


Crystal The Parenting Coach: Okay. 


Lauren Cash: So, yours, the way that you're talking about it, it sounds like yours is sacral because that one is like this gut-based knowing – like immediately, you know, if it's a yes or no. And it lights you up, you're like, 'Yes, this is it.' 

The way you talked about making the decision for joining The Life Coach School and doing certification through that sounds very sacral, like knowing. 

And then the other one is Emotional; and actually, half the population are emotional authorities even if they're not manifesting generators. So, that is, you need to have time to make a decision. 

So, you have to-- We talk about like riding this emotional wave where there's like a high high of like, 'Oh my gosh, this is the best decision ever---Yes, for sure.' To like a low low of like, 'This is going to be the worst thing ever', to getting to calm clarity of like, this feels like it is the correct next step, but you need to sleep on it and feel through this whole emotional roller coaster experience for that to drop in. And a lot of time--


Crystal The Parenting Coach: Yeah. That is definitely not me. 


Lauren Cash: Yeah. And that does not sound like you. And a lot of times, our world really caters more to like your decision-making strategy, especially even like at The Life Coach School, we teach a lot around making very quick decisions and not being an indecision, which the emotional authority can look like it's being stuck--  

It's stuck in indecision when it's actually just feeling through what is correct for them, and it's not actually indulging in the indulgent emotion of indecision.


Crystal The Parenting Coach: Okay. What I love about what you just said is that – I think this has come up for me so many times – is that we have this idea about how life should be lived; and it's like, 'We should wake up early.' I mean, in my mind, this is how, this is what life tells me it should be like. 


Lauren Cash: Yeah.


Crystal The Parenting Coach: Like, you wake up, up early and you exercise and you eat healthy and you are productive. You get a lot done during the day. Your house is clean. Your kids listen to you. You, I don't know, have money to do the things that you want to be doing. You go to bed early. You're calm all the time. 

Like I just have this idea in my mind about like, 'This is kind of how life is supposed to be lived in this like little box.' And we obviously, all have different what we view our boxes to be…but usually, it's from our own like society and, you know, cultural norms and stuff like that. 


Lauren Cash: Yeah.


Crystal The Parenting Coach: And so, I have this like idea and then like anything outside of that is like, Oh, well, you're doing a little bit, a little bit different and a little bit wrong.' 

And what I love about Human Design and the other personality style type things is that it really helps you live into like, it's okay for things to look a little bit different. Right? It's okay for me not to make my decisions immediately. 

And for me, almost everything in my life has gone against the grain. Like I homeschool my kids…I don't have like a traditional like, this is where I live and I'm just here all the time. I even, this way, mode of parenting is very new; it's very different. It's not what most people are doing. 

And so, everything's kind of against the grain. And so, a lot of times, my brain gives me this feedback of like, 'You need to be normal, whatever normal is.' Right? 


Lauren Cash: Yeah. 


Crystal The Parenting Coach: And I love that in learning about things like Human Design and our energy, it can be like, 'This is your normal.' Like you doing it different way is not only just like normal, also there's like no normal, but it's like best for you. 

Like it's the best way for you to do it because what people like The Life Coach School – and like, there's lots of other programs that are like, 'This is the best way to do it'. 


Lauren Cash: Yeah. 


Crystal The Parenting Coach: It is because it was created from their brain-- 


Lauren Cash: Exactly. 


Crystal The Parenting Coach: -and their energy.


Lauren Cash: And their alignment, it worked for them because that's how they're designed or their personality, you know, and the other--


The big permission slip Lauren got in life when she started to learn about Human Design

Crystal The Parenting Coach: Yeah. And it fits so well for them and it works so well for them because it is them.


Lauren Cash: Totally. 


Crystal The Parenting Coach: And then we take programs or courses or learn things and we're like, 'Why is this not working? There must be something wrong with me.' 


Lauren Cash: Yeah. 


Crystal The Parenting Coach: Versus like, my brain might just work differently than somebody else's.


Lauren Cash: Totally. Yeah. And that really resonates for me. Like, the reason I ended up loving Human Design so much was because when I found out things about my design, it was like the biggest permission slip I was ever given to live life in a way that felt so much better for me. 

But my mind had so much commentary about that. Like, I'm a Human Design projector and Human Design projectors aren't meant to go, go, go and do, do do. Like we're meant to not really work at all, really, but like keep the work very minimal. 

And for me, I had been working a ton of hours and a lot of energy; and I ended up getting sick from it, but my body had been telling me for years like not to do that. But my mind thought that that was lazy, that was unproductive, I would never be able to be successful if I worked--


Crystal The Parenting Coach: And that’s what people do; they work all the time.


Lauren Cash: Yeah. Like just coach yourself out of that, like feeling like you shouldn't be working as much as you're working, et cetera. Yeah.


Crystal The Parenting Coach: Okay. That is fascinating because one of the things I decided at the beginning of this year, I always try to make like business goals; and I kept wanting to come up with like a number, like, 'By this time, I want to have this many clients or do this.' 

And the thing that kept coming back to me was like, it needs to be your work schedule. Like my inner knowing was telling me that it was my work schedule that needed to shift and change, and then I needed to be working less. And then, my goal needed to be a 10-hour work week. 

And so, I kind of would tell people that, like, they'd be like, oh-- I mean, in the coaching world we talk about goals often. You guys, people are probably like, "What? You're talking about your goals with people?" We do this regularly.


Lauren Cash: Yes, it's our favorite pastime.


Crystal The Parenting Coach: It's our favorite pastime. So, everyone's like saying, "No, I'm going to make this much"…or, "I'm going to do go to this and I'm going to speak at this thing". 

And I'm like, "I'm going to work less and that's it…I'm just going to try to work 10 hours a week." And it has been awesome, and it has been exactly what I needed. But I think it's hard to make decisions like that when everybody else-- when it seems in my brain that everybody else is doing business a different way, doing life a different way. 

And I find that so much in business; my brain has a lot of evidence for that everybody else is doing business in a really different way that's a lot more go go go, a lot more fast-paced, a lot more like 'hustle mentality', I guess. Even though they say they're anti-hussle, that it's like, really there's a lot going on.


Lauren Cash: I know.


Crystal The Parenting Coach: Right? Whereas like when it's like stillness and like presence and peace; and I'm like, 'Oh, that's what I want…like that's what I want to live into.' 

And anyways, it's been amazing and beautiful, but also my brain offers me a lot of like, 'You might be doing this wrong.' And I'm like, 'No, no, no, no…this is what I wanted, I wanted it to be like slow and peaceful.' 


What is Human Design, and how does it work?

Crystal The Parenting Coach: So, I would love for you to tell us just a little bit more about Human Design; like what is it, and how does it work?


Lauren Cash: Yeah. So, Human Design is a system that has combined other modalities into one. So, it takes The Ching, the Kabbalah of life, the Astrology and Chakra system; I'm probably missing one, it's like a combination of all of them into one chart. 

And this guy had-- He says he channeled it, and had this like download about it and created the system over like, I think it was like a period of a week or something. I sometimes joke that he like was on acid or something, and like came up with the system. 


Crystal The Parenting Coach: Yeah. You're like, how did you do this? 


Lauren Cash: Yeah. To me, it doesn't really matter if it actually divinely came to him or if he was like on some trip, I just find the tool useful whether or not the way it came about was like "real" or not.


Crystal The Parenting Coach: Yeah.


Lauren Cash: So, the system is; one, you get a body graph and it is looks like a chakra system…so these different shapes in the body graph. And then along the two sides, you have different planetary placements so you see like the sun and the moon and different things like that. So, that's the astrology aspect. 

And then inside of the body graph, different shapes are colored in or not; and this makes you what type you are. So, overall, the biggest thing about your design-- I like to talk about it like an address. 

So, like, if we were talking about where you are located on the earth, we could use like type is kind of like, which we were talking about like North America, what is that continent? Like, what continent are you on? Is like, kind of what type you are. 

And then as we get into your design even more, because Human Design is called the science of differentiation; we're each very unique, even if like you're with a whole bunch of other manifesting generators, they're all going to have a lot of other aspects to them that are very different. 

So, as we go in, like the next thing would be like what their authority is. So, either this emotional or sacral for the manifesting generator or the generator. 

That would help us like, 'Okay, so you live in this country,' maybe, would be like the next thing. 

And then we get more and more distinct as we get to like what is the zip code? Like what is the house number, and all of that. Like there are all these intricate things inside of our designs that tell us all sorts of fun things like maybe what our life's purpose could potentially be or how many people we’re you're meant to work with in business, or like what our business model might look like or what we could play with there, or like what our vocation is. 

And there's so many different things. And like as you were even talking so far, my mind now just like highlights like all the things I'm curious about like in your chart, what they are as you talk. 


Crystal The Parenting Coach: Yes. 


Lauren Cash: Because there's so many intricacies within it; and I haven't even learned like all of the intricacies yet, and I've been studying it for like two years and got a whole like 10-month certification on it last year. So, it's super fun.


How living life "outside the lines" is more than awesome

Crystal The Parenting Coach: Hey, I love this. And I think it's really powerful for the people that are listening. So, if you're listening to this and you feel like, I talk a lot about helping moms find their passion and their purpose and what fuels them. 

And sometimes-- I was even speaking at an in-person event one time and I just said, you know, "Write down some things that interest you or that you'd like to try out or that--" 

You know, there were some people that were, 'Nothing besides motherhood.' There was literally a lady who came up to me afterwards to argue the fact that it was like, 'Nope, that is my only passion, and like there's nothing wrong with that.' And I was like, 'No, there's totally nothing wrong with that.' But also like, 'Are there things like, what about it? Like, is it that you enjoy baking? Is it that you enjoy cleaning? Is it like--' 

She just really loved homemaking, which there isn't anything wrong with, but it's like, let's uncover what passions you actually have and help you kind of live into that. 

And the reason that we want to do that is because we actually show up as a better mom when we do. We think that we're going to be a better mom if we like give everything that we have, including our whole souls to our parenting. 

But if we can separate that – like who we are and us and what we enjoy doing from like parenting, this thing that we also happen to do – we actually show up more on the kind of parent that we want to be. So, but then, the next question usually is when people ask this, they're like, 'Well, I have no idea.' 

Well, like the zero because they've constantly been looking outwards at what other people want and fulfilling other people's needs versus their own.

And so, usually, I will say, "Go back to your childhood…what's something that you enjoy doing then or what interests you?" But I think that this idea of Human Design can give you, kind of, more ideas and more interests so that you can--


Lauren Cash: Like a starting-off point and stuff. Yeah.


Crystal The Parenting Coach: Yeah. Especially vocation-wise.


Lauren Cash: Yeah. The other cool thing about Human Design, especially like with parenting and things too is so we have this type and then-- You're a manifesting generator, that's your type. There are five different types total. 

So, you're a manifesting generator, I'm a projector; and each type has a strategy, and that strategy is how we best interact with other people with our type of energy and how we're made up. 

So, for you, yours is to respond and to inform. So, you're responding to things and then you're informing and letting people know what's happening, essentially is the quick explanation of that. 

And mine is to be recognized and invited, which happened with this podcast. You like recognized me for Human Design and time and things like that, and you asked me to be on your podcast. So, that's how that works. But it works a lot in how we interact, obviously, with the other in terms of even like our children. 

I was coaching one of my clients a couple weeks ago, and she was telling me about an exchange that she was having with her son; and I was like, 'Do we know what his design is? Because it sounds like he's a manifestor.' 

That's different than manifesting generator, is manifestor. He was like inform. So, the manifestor strategy is to inform; and so he will initiate and inform, but he was informing like when he wanted to have hugs versus when he didn't want to have hugs. 

And he was like very sure of this and said when he wanted it; and the way he was speaking was very direct, which is very manifestor. 

And so, she ended up going and looking up his chart and he was a manifestor; and so we talked all about like how she can be supportive of him, and the way that he is meant to interact with her and informing her pretty directly like, 'I don't want to be hugged right now' and when I do want to be hugged, and stuff like that.


How to get started on your own Human Design journey and craft a life that feels good to you, even if it’s not the "norm"

Crystal The Parenting Coach: That's super fascinating. I have a parenting friend also who is brilliant to Human Design so she knows all of her kids and her partners; and she does really feel like it helps her in kind of aligning with how to parent them and kind of know their personality and things that work and things that don't work. 

I'm a firm believer in like, just try all the different things and figure out what works for you, because some people love like love languages and uncovering what their kids love languages are so that they could be like, you know, filling their cup more. 


Lauren Cash: Yeah. 


Crystal The Parenting Coach: I wasn't like a super love languages person. I was like, 'Okay, that's interesting.' But also, I feel like I feel love in all five ways so just give me any of those things.


Lauren Cash: Yeah, I like all of them too. Like, heavier in this circumstance versus this.


Crystal The Parenting Coach: Exactly.


Lauren Cash: -conditional.


Crystal The Parenting Coach: A healthy combination of all those things is good for me. 


Lauren Cash: Yeah. 


Crystal The Parenting Coach: And so, I find that way in a lot of things. I'm like, 'Okay, this color personality or this number thing or this Human Design thing,' I think what's really helpful is just helping us understand ourselves in a different way, for sure. 

And then also understanding other people in a different way because the end goal is that we can be more understanding and more compassionate and not feel like there is one normal way, one right way to like live or to be or you know, to give ourselves, like you said, that giant permission slip of like, it's totally normal to be the way that I am and it's actually amazing – and how I'm supposed to be, how I'm supposed to live my life, and that my kids have that also.


Lauren Cash: Yeah. I love that. It's been helping me so much too with understanding, living with my partner; like we haven't been living together super long. As a projector, we have the tendency to give unsolicited advice. 

So, we're supposed to actually wait for the recognition of like, "Oh my gosh, you're so good at this…like, how would you do this?" kind of vibe. 

So, I've been really practicing that with him of like, when we're cooking together or something…not being like, 'You should do it this way', or whatever. 


Crystal The Parenting Coach: Yeah. 


Lauren Cash: -which is good for everyone. Like, and that's I think what I've learned too is like learning all the types because even within our designs, there are these things called Channels. 

So, different channels are different types channels. So, we can, for different types of things, utilize the strategy of the different types. So, I find, especially with my clients, it's super important for me to have a lot of informing happening of like onboarding…like, what's going to happen. 

And that's even with kids too. Like, you know, letting them know what to expect and what's going to happen next and et cetera. So, we can use other people's strategies too because we're also talking to other types, and it can help them to hear it in the language that they prefer it as well.


Crystal The Parenting Coach: Yeah. To understand them more.


Lauren Cash: Yeah. 


Crystal The Parenting Coach: I love that. If somebody's interested in learning more about Human Design, where do you suggest they start?


Lauren Cash: Yeah, so that's a hard question. So, a lot of people try to like scour the internet to start to read up on it and find it. 


Crystal The Parenting Coach: Yeah. 


Lauren Cash: There are things on the internet that you can read. It's a little bit challenging. People usually ask me for like, what's a good book to start with? The books, like when I first discovered Human Design, the books did not help me personally; I had a really hard time with them, and that's what I've heard from a lot of my clients too. 

But if you really want to know the books and like have the source material, there is this other thing in Human Design that's profile and if you have a first line in that you're going to want to go to the source, anyway. So, I don't want to tell you not to; you can find a whole like list of Human Design and Gene Keys books if you go to, I have a whole tab of lists there.


Crystal The Parenting Coach: Awesome.


Lauren Cash: But what I would say is finding somebody that has like a reading or a course or a coach to work with so that not only you learn it but then you start to play with it and embody it in your life and see how it works as best. 

So, I'm going to be--  


Crystal The Parenting Coach: I love that 


Lauren Cash: -developing, this fall, like a Foundational 101 teaching you what all the language means, teaching you your design specifically course that you can do self-paced. So, that's going to be called Demystify Your Design because it seems very mysterious, it seems difficult. So, if you're interested in that, you can let me know; you can DM me on Instagram and I can put you on the wait list for that.


Crystal The Parenting Coach: Okay. Awesome. Because my next question was going to be, how do people connect with you? Because I do agree, if you're really interested in something like this, it's so much more helpful to have somebody guide you through than be like, "Let me just Google this and read a couple things and watch a YouTube video; and hopefully, I'll kind of understand." Sometimes that works but--


Lauren Cash: It does.


How to connect with Lauren Cash 

Crystal The Parenting Coach: But it can be easier to have somebody help guide you through. So, where can people connect with you and how can they work with you?


Lauren Cash: Yeah, so I love hanging out on Instagram, so I'm @theLaurenCash there; and you can also listen to my podcast if you're interested in Time & Energy Management type things. And I do talk a lot about Human Design, and it's called The Ease of Hustle.


Crystal The Parenting Coach: Great. I love that; The Ease of Hustle. Perfect. 


Lauren Cash: Yeah. 


Crystal The Parenting Coach: Okay, well, I will have all those links in the show notes; I'll make sure that we get those there. And thank you so much for being on the podcast today, Lauren.


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Cover image for the parenting personality quiz, 4 sketches of a mom doing a different activity with her child

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