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S05|18 - Quantum Healing: The Power of Our Mind to Change Our Thinking and Our Physical Wellness

Nov 14, 2022

Daryn Hubbard Practices as a Doctor of Natural Medicine. He has a PhD in Natural Medicine and a Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine. He’s been in professional practice for over 20 years and has an interest in the autonomic nervous system’s connection to quantum medicine principles and its effect on healing. He is also a father of 6, grandfather of 3 and enjoys hiking in the backcountry.

In this podcast episode you’ll learn:

  • The difference between the brain and the mind (according to quantum medicine)
  • What Quantum Healing/Quantum Medicine is
  • The surprising study results that Daryn found while doing a double-blind study around Quantum Medicine
  • The power our thoughts have in creating our reality and changing our physical wellbeing (and some great examples of this)
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Episode Transcript


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Welcome to the podcast today, Quantum Healing: The Power of Our Mind to Change Our Thinking and Our Physical Wellness


What Daryn Hubbard does, and how he got started

Crystal The Parenting Coach: On the podcast today, we have Daryn Hubbard. Daryn Hubbard Practices as a Doctor of Natural Medicine. He has a PhD in Natural Medicine and a Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine. He’s been in professional practice for over 20 years and has an interest in the autonomic nervous system’s connection to Quantum Medicine principles and its effect on healing. He is also a father of 6, grandfather of 3; and enjoys hiking in the backcountry. 

All right. Hello and welcome to the podcast. 


Daryn Hubbard: Hello.


Crystal The Parenting Coach: Today, we have Daryn. Hey Daryn, do you want to just introduce yourself?


Daryn Hubbard: Sure. I'm Daryn Hubbard, and I work in the Natural Health field; and I have a special interest in Quantum Medicine and Quantum Physics principles, and how they are applicable to healing. And so, we're going to talk about some of that today, I think.


Crystal The Parenting Coach: Yeah. I'm excited. Daryn was on my podcast about a year ago, and we talked all about Quantum Medicine and how it relates to peaceful parenting, and he talked about some remedies that can be useful in that. So, you can go and check out that one, if you're interested. 

My kids are super interested in Quantum Physics; and they read books a lot, and I read it to them. And we study about it a lot, and I still don't totally understand it – but I feel like I understand Quantum Medicine and Quantum Healing a little bit more. But I love having episodes where I get to learn and I bring on people that I'm interested in that I want to learn more about. 

So, before we dig into Quantum Healing, will you talk to us a little bit about your background, like how you got into this and what your education and stuff is – how you learned all of this?


Daryn Hubbard: Sure. I've been studying since 1994 in this field and various aspects of it. I started working with a clinical nutritionist who kind of had leanings in the direction of Holistic Medicine, and I did that for six years. 

And through that experience, I got to meet a lot of interesting people – not only clients and patients, but got to attend a number of seminars. Some of the seminars were in the States, and they were looking at Quantum Healing and Bioenergetic Medicine. 

And they were applying those principles to the functioning of the mitochondria in the cells, the energy production units in the cell; and that kind of sparked my interest in going in this direction.


The surprising study results that Daryn found while doing a double-blind study around Quantum Medicine

Daryn Hubbard: And back in 2019, I finished my PhD in Natural Medicine from Quantum University in Honolulu. And I was looking at the effects on stress of a natural remedy made out of flowers versus a placebo…and saw some really interesting things over the year that I did that study. 

And what came to light was there was positive effects from both the placebo and the actual remedy that I was using; it was a double-blind study. And so, I had no clue what was going on until the reveal happened from the third party. 

And it was amazing to me that 55% of the participants in the placebo group actually improved their stress levels--


Crystal The Parenting Coach: Wow. 


Daryn Hubbard: And the other group, they improved more, but it wasn't by a huge amount. It was like 85%. So, there's a 30% difference between placebo group and the remedy group. And so, you can look at the medicinal effect of that remedy as being 30 points over what a placebo would do. 

And so, the power of the mind has always fascinated me; and I think that's going to be a big part of our topic today, how the mind and the emotions and the physicality all come together. 

And Quantum Medicine really addresses that eloquently, I think, because it not only looks at those three levels, but it also has a couple other levels of what they call consciousness. 

And consciousness is what they talk about in terms of the ground of all being; that's what makes everything up. So, whether it's physical, mental, emotional, or what we might even call spiritual – it's all consciousness; and just different expressions of consciousness and how consciousness is moving in that space and how we experience it. 

And so, that's really fascinating to me. And it pulls a lot of different concepts together from different fields of Natural Medicine, whether it's flower therapy or whether it's Homeopathic Medicine or Nutrition, or how the cell membrane works or how our cells interact with light – into actually, the DNA can store sunlight, which is really fascinating to me. 

And they can look at the light signatures of different remedies and herbs and foods. You know, you look at fast food and the light signature of that, it's quite small – versus food that's organic and prepared with love, et cetera…it's got an incredible light feel around it. 

And we are beings of light from that perspective. And the more light that we can have in our lives through various means – whether it's in our relationships or whether it's from the food we're eating, or the practices that we do every day – it's just going to benefit us in the long run with the energy levels we have, the health that we have…our ability to be resilient to stress in our lives. So, that just jazzes me.


Crystal The Parenting Coach: Yeah. That is so fascinating because ever since I was younger on my-- You know, I was sick pretty often when I was little. And so, my mom started looking to more alternative healing methods because we'd kind of exhausted all of the regular things and they kind of were just like, 'Okay, you'll just be sick.'

And anyway, so we found some other things that were really effective. I never really understood why they worked, I didn't really care; I was just like, 'Okay, it's helping, so we'll keep doing this.' 

I was going to see a chiropractor who did some kind of Chinese medicine and a little bit more alternative stuff. Anyways, I found that it was really helpful; and so, I just kind of decided that I didn't care how it worked, I just was going to keep at it.

And I never really thought more about that side of things until I started into the coaching sphere. So, I start coaching, I learn all about mindset; and the kind of coaching we do is Causal Coaching. So, it's think, feel, do; my thoughts create my feelings, my feelings fuel my actions – or fuel what I'm doing. 

And I started to realize how powerful that really simple phrase was; that if I could actually change my thoughts about things and change my feelings about things that are coming from those thoughts, that I was literally changing the reality around me…how I interacted with people, what I thought about myself. 

And I started to see new things happen; like I started a whole business, and my relationship with my kids changed, and all of these amazing things came…all from my thinking. And so, then I started to read more and listen to more gurus who were talking about mindset and mindfulness and meditation.


The difference between the brain and the mind (according to Quantum Medicine)

Crystal The Parenting Coach: And I started meditating, and I just noticed that all of these tiny little changes that seemed so simple actually started to make such huge changes in my external life. 

And so, I find this now even more fascinating because now I'm like, "Yeah, thoughts really do matter, what we're thinking matters…our brain matters, our mind matters. 

So, that's what I want to talk about today because I know you know all about that side of it. Before we dig in, can you just define like the difference between when somebody talks about their brain versus their mind? Like is that the same thing or is there differences there?


Daryn Hubbard: To a lot of people, it is the same thing. But from a Quantum Physics standpoint, in Quantum Medicine, the brain is actually the physical manifestation of mind

And certainly, without that physical apparatus, mind wouldn't really matter because there's nowhere for mind to manifest at that point. 

But what Quantum Physics addresses as mind is what is related to the thoughts that we have, the meaning that we put to things that we experience in life – as well as maybe some memories and things like that. 

So, it's really more about the ethereal aspects that we often attribute to the brain. But they independently co-arise, so you can't have mind without brain. You can have brain without mind though, but it's usually just something that you're examining in the anatomy lab.


Crystal The Parenting Coach: Right.


Daryn Hubbard: But quite often people get into trouble with their health and healing or their approach to life based on those thoughts or the meanings that they are perpetuating with particular things in their lives. And so, that's where the distinction comes; one is the kind of the action part of the brain, if you will…and then, the other part is just the physical matter.


What Quantum Healing/Quantum Medicine is

Crystal The Parenting Coach: Okay. And if you were to describe Quantum Healing or Quantum Medicine, how would you explain that to someone that has never heard those terms before?


Daryn Hubbard: That is a great question, and there are books and books written on it. But in a quick synopsis, we could look at the difference between kind of Newtonian thought and western thought that looks at the world as being built by matter or atoms. And these are the building blocks of what we experience and see around us.

Quantum Medicine and Quantum Healing looks at it a little bit differently. They acknowledge certainly the physical – and that's where we have the atoms, et cetera, as building blocks – but they look at those physical things as expressions of consciousness

And consciousness is actually according to Quantum Physics, the building block of everything, including matter. And so, the matter part of it is what we, of course, have access to every day – feeling, touching, driving, all of those things. But behind that, there's other levels of creation, if you will. 

And so, above the physical, we've got the vital or the emotional; and that's kind of where the blueprints of form are located, in addition to the emotions. There, you've also got things like Chakras – which are described in Ayurvedic Medicine – and the Meridians as described in various forms of Oriental Medicine. 

Above that, you've got the mental level, and that's the thoughts and the meanings and things. And then above that, you've got Super Mental. 

And the Super Mental level is really special; and I think it's something worth striving for – or at least to have an extension to, because that's the level of archetype…all of the virtues in their pure form, like pure love, loyalty, truth, all of those things that are kind of immutable. 

But if we can have more of those attributes in our lives, then we're going to have a better time at manifesting in the physical things that are of higher order and value with respect to our health and our approach to life. 

And then above that supplemental level is the level of pure consciousness. That's what is the point from which everything emanates. And that's the point to which everything is responsible. 

And some people would maybe describe that in terms of God. And one of my main professors, Dr. Amit Goswami, he wrote a book called God Is Not Dead. And he was talking about Quantum Physics, and how consciousness has a lot of the same attributes that people would maybe ascribe to God. 


The power our thoughts have in creating our reality and changing our physical wellbeing (and some great examples of this)

Daryn Hubbard: And so, it is very interesting that there's those different levels; and when we're looking at Quantum Healing and applying Quantum Healing principles, then we're going to be looking at different levels of healing. 

So, we've got this happening physically…what are the correlated thoughts, and what are the correlated emotions with what's going on? And often, something physical is coming from those other levels. And if we can change things at that level, then there's an opportunity and a higher probability that the physical will also change.


Crystal The Parenting Coach: That's so fascinating. And so, obviously, you've been doing this work for years. I'd love to see some actual examples because I know that some people are listening and they're like, 'Okay, I sort of a little bit understand what's happening.' 

But it's a lot of-- If you're not new, or I guess if you are new to this, it might sound a little bit confusing. How would this actually manifest in someone's life? Like, have you seen in your practice where somebody was able to change this consciousness or this level of thinking or you know, all of the different levels you just talked about…to actually start to change their physicality, their wellbeing, their, you know, something that they were dealing with more in the physical realm?


Example 1

Daryn Hubbard: Yeah. I see it every day, actually. And I'll start with an example of myself. I was on the way to work one day, and I was sitting in a stoplight. And as you do at stoplight, sometimes you just look around; and out of the corner of my eye, I saw the light change to green. 

And so, I just let out the clutch and away I went; and halfway through the intersection, I looked ahead of me and the light was still red actually. And there was a bus about to land in my passenger seat so I'm glad he was paying attention, and I carried on to work. 

And what happened after that was a series of events in my mind as I was replaying that scenario and why it happened, and how could I be so silly not to actually look at the light and wait until it was green before going. 

And so, by the time I got to work, about 10 minutes later, I myself convinced that I had to park my car and turn in my license…that I was a poor driver…and that my life was going to change as a result. 

Happily, the other part of me that's a little bit more reasonable said, "Come on, that's not the case here, it was a moment of inattention…and luckily, disaster was averted and you don't have to turn in your license – and you don't have to inconvenience your wife to come and pick you up." 

So, that was, to me, an example of wrong meaning from a scenario, and that could have changed my life in a big way. 


Example 2

Daryn Hubbard: Thinking about it in terms of maybe the things that we do on a regular basis; so, let's say you've come home from work and you're looking at your phone – and you're just scrolling through Facebook or whatever – and the child that you love dearly comes in and says, "Hey, look at what I did today at school." And you're just like, "Mm, yeah," you just kind of look over but you're still scrolling, you don't really pay attention. 


Crystal The Parenting Coach: Yeah.


Daryn Hubbard: Potentially, that child will get a meaning from that. They'll start to think, well, maybe you're not interested in what they've done in school; and maybe they'll make the extension, if that happens long enough, that maybe you're not really interested in them.


Crystal The Parenting Coach: Yeah.


Daryn Hubbard: And that can lead to other things. Looking at attachments and how that relationship can…because of the damage from that meaning that's been applied by the child, that child will start to look for other connections maybe that are less beneficial in their lives. 

And then the parent wonders, 'Well, why isn't this kid connecting with me more?' It's because something else has been conditioned based on maybe the meaning that that child took from it.


Example 3

Daryn Hubbard: Or maybe you're looking at a relationship with your spouse and same sort of thing happens.


Crystal The Parenting Coach: Yeah.


Daryn Hubbard: Someone comes home from work and they're grumpy; they're not grumpy at the spouse, but that's how it's coming across. And so, the rest of the night is affected because that person's mad at me and I must have done something wrong, which is totally not the right meaning to apply to it, but we make that leap because we're trying to resolve what's going on.


Crystal The Parenting Coach: Yeah. Our brains just do that for us. They're just like, "Here, there's a problem…let's see if we can solve it." And it has all these, has all these thought patterns that it just kind of uses that aren't necessarily the most helpful for us.


Daryn Hubbard: It's true. And a lot of that's based in conditioning.


Crystal The Parenting Coach: Mm-Hmm.


Daryn Hubbard: You know, it's been true in other circumstances like this, therefore it must mean the same thing.


Crystal The Parenting Coach: Yeah. 


Daryn Hubbard: Well, it may not; and that's what gets us into trouble often, is conditioning. And so, that's part of Quantum Healing is being creative in our thought processes…what is the true meaning in this situation. It means that they probably had a hard day, and they could probably use a hug and a kind word or bring them their favorite snack or whatever it might be.


Crystal The Parenting Coach: Yeah.


Daryn Hubbard: And it's not about, 'Oh, I'm in trouble' or 'I've done something wrong' or 'Our relationship's in trouble' or they're having an affair, whatever it might be.


How our mindset connects to physical wellness

Crystal The Parenting Coach: Yeah. And I think that what you described are such good examples. And that is really what we do in coaching, at least the kind of coaching that I do, is that we look at that situation and maybe that situation where our brain has collected a lot of evidence to make it seem like, you know, maybe we don't feel love from our partner or whatever story we've created there. 

And it's not that we're-- When Daryn and I are talking about this – for everyone that's listening – we're not thinking like, 'Oh, you're sitting down and intentionally choosing to think this,' our brain just kind of is naturally making all of these connections.

And so, when we sit down to do mindset coaching, that's what I think of as mindset coaching is, 'Okay, let's figure out what stories our brain is coming up with…let's figure out if they're serving us, let's figure out if they're really true or if there's maybe a different truth here that would serve us better.' How would you connect this to then physical wellness?


Daryn Hubbard: Well, if we carry those thoughts forward, if someone's thinking, 'Well, I'm not a good-- I'm not a good person because of whatever's going on,' then when you look at the different centers in the body that are often called chakras, so in the fourth chakra, the heart chakra in that area…physically, we have the heart – and we've got the lungs, we've got the thymus gland, we've got breast tissue. 

And so, as those thoughts trickle down with the emotion – and then because the emotional level, there's that physical blueprint that can impact how that physicality manifests. 

And so, when you look at themes associated with the heart chakra and say the thymus gland, that thymus gland is really big in the immune system marina. And it is involved with recognition of things that are not self versus things that are self; and anything that's not self is going to be regulated against, the immune system's going to launch an attack and take that thing out. 

But what if I'm talking about myself as the problem? What if I am the enemy because of what is going on in my relationship? 

I must be a bad person – I must not be a good partner; then what happens to my immune system could be in the extreme that autoimmune condition is created or there's some condition in the body that starts to get the gears moving in the direction of taking me out because I'm the weak link or the body is no longer recognizing self. How many times do we have self-deprecating thoughts--


Crystal The Parenting Coach: Yeah.


Daryn Hubbard: -where we put ourselves down? And it may not even be our voice that we're hearing; it may be voices that we've heard from the past or from teachers or from friends or people that we've looked up to – and that self-deprecation, putting ourselves down instead of lifting ourselves up. 

Not that I'm better than everybody and all of that, but just I'm basically a really good person and I have great ideals and I have great goals and I can contribute to life…that is uplifting, that's good for the immune system. 

But when we're self-deprecating, we put ourselves down and we start to shut that part of ourselves down; and basically, not emitting light or love…then that can get us into trouble with our immune system in funny sorts of ways. You start getting genes activated, you start to see family patterns coming in. 

There's family memories and ways of doing things that are not ours, but we do them because our parents did them…and they did it because their parents did them. And so, you see generational patterns that are health related. 


Crystal The Parenting Coach: Yes.


Daryn Hubbard: Maybe it's not that there's really a breast cancer history from a genetic standpoint, that is also possible, of course – but maybe it has something to do with trauma related to the heart chakra as well that's coming through…and because of thought patterns, emotional patterns turning into physical patterns that we have those problems as much as anything genetic.


Example 4

Crystal The Parenting Coach: Okay. So, let's go back to examples again. How have you seen this in your practice? So, in people that have come to work with you that maybe started to do this work on, you know, more of the, would it be a subconscious level or something that they're kind of working through…that has then actually changed their physical wellbeing?


Daryn Hubbard: Yeah. Sometimes things physically…and how they manifest, it's hard to see how it's connected. 


Crystal The Parenting Coach: Yeah.


Daryn Hubbard: And so, I'll give you some examples that are kind of general; and what I mean by that is so a lady who came to me a couple of days ago – seen her a few times – and she has some relationships that are kind of challenging, and she is actually showing a stress response with respect to her partner. 

And so, we did some work around that; and she came back and reported that she is not feeling stressed around him as much anymore, and she is able to feel her own power in that situation. 

Not that she's trying to have power over him, but she's actually able to feel like she has a voice and that her input matters and that she doesn't have to hold back. 

She can be herself in that relationship to a greater degree and she's still learning and getting confidence in that, but how much of a difference is that going to make in her children? And how much of a difference is that going to make in her relationship with her partner as they navigate these next years together?


Crystal The Parenting Coach: Yeah.


Daryn Hubbard: When we're true to ourselves and to who we really are as we understand and discover that, then a lot of the challenges in life that are seen maybe with anxiety or timidity or heart problems in the extreme – again, with respect to that heart chakra we see anxieties and things like that – it often just disappears when people have a better relationship with themselves.


Crystal The Parenting Coach: That's all. 


Daryn Hubbard: When you able to help-- Sorry, go ahead.


Example 5

Crystal The Parenting Coach: I was just going to say, I see this a lot in my practice also in that…you know, it changes their relationships with their kids and with their partner, and kind of every relationship in their life as we do this work. 

And I was thinking about how it's related to kind of our physical wellbeing; and it made me think of the last time I had COVID, I've had it a few times and I remember the last time I had it…I usually go into this like, 'Oh, I'm sick,' and kind of like, 'Whoa, was me and now I'm just going to have to lay in bed and be sick and whatever'

And I started to notice my thoughts this time, and I thought that thinking is probably not super helpful in my recovering. And so, I started just thinking my body's actually super strong and my body's already working with me against this and it already knows exactly what to do and it knows how to get rid of this. 

And I just started thinking those thoughts intentionally throughout the day. And I was still taking care of myself in kind of the same way that I would, but the only difference there was my thinking and it was my quickest recovery time…like, it was just in a couple days I was feeling better. I, you know, only had one or two days of really feeling ill. It didn't linger anything in the past. 

I know it's hard to look at that and be like, 'Well, that, for sure, had to do with your thinking or not'…there's no way to really prove that. But I've had this happen now several times over the last while and just little illnesses or injuries that happen; and it always seems to help when I do change that thinking even about that specific situation to do with, you know, whatever sickness I'm dealing with.


How focusing on the positive improves our relationships

Daryn Hubbard: Yeah. That totally makes sense. And when we've got that focus on something that's positive and really working with that from a Quantum Physics perspective, that which we desire and we're able to articulate actually already exists at one of those other levels. It exists mentally. It exists emotionally, and we just haven't manifested it yet in the physical. 

And so, as we're trying to make changes, we can focus on things like, 'Oh, I need to work on my anxiety', or 'I need to work on my fear', or 'I need to work on this illness'…you can work on it by working on that thing, which is actually the absence of what you truly desire.

And so, if you focus on what you want as opposed to focusing on what you don't want, you're actually going to get what you desire in a lot quicker way. And by virtue of that, it's going to preclude you from experiencing that which you don't want.


Crystal The Parenting Coach: Yeah.


Daryn Hubbard: If you focus on what you want, you're building on something that is a positive rather than building on something that is a lack. 


Crystal The Parenting Coach: Yeah.


Daryn Hubbard: So, you're building on a lack that that isn't a foundation at all. You want to build on something that's positive, that is possible. What else is possible? And that's something about Quantum Physics and Quantum Medicine that I really like, is it's built on possibility. 

Those possibilities that you want; that better health, that better relationship with your child, that better relationship with your partner – it exists in the realm of possibility…outside of space and time, according to Quantum Physics. And all that it takes to get that possibility to become an actuality is to align with that possibility becoming actuality by making certain choices.


Crystal The Parenting Coach: That's so fascinating. And that is really, like, this really is what we talk about in coaching. We just use different words for it, and we describe it in a different way. But this is, it's figuring out…what I want, what result do I want to create, and how can I think and feel and believe my way into that? 

And also, the idea of, I say this all the time to my clients, but you focus on growth.


Daryn Hubbard: Yes.


Crystal The Parenting Coach: So, if we're constantly focusing on lack; and we're constantly focused on deficiency and how I'm not doing a good job as a parent, how I'm not doing a good job as a mother, how I'm deficient in all these areas…it actually makes us yell more. We use more chain-based parenting. We are more authoritarian than we want to be. 

Whereas if we focus on how well we are doing, and we focus on the changes that we have made and how good things really are going…and if we can really make that focus and that shift change, that it amplifies what we're looking for.


Daryn Hubbard: Absolutely it does. And there's the idea that we need to kind of use all of our different faculties; and so, that's all of our senses, all of our resources. 

And there's a faculty that I didn't even think about before, but it came to me as I was doing some studying and pondering not that long ago, and is that our imagination is a faculty. 

We can imagine what it is that we truly want…what does it smell and taste like? What does it feel like? What does it look like? We can imagine, and we can amplify with our minds and our imagination that which we truly desire; and we can actually be even grateful for it before we even have it.


Crystal The Parenting Coach: Yes.


Daryn Hubbard: And that gratitude, according to some of the research in epigenetics, and it's talked about a lot by Dr. Joe Dispenza; he says, "As we are grateful for that which we desire, that we don't have, it signals in our genes something called an immediate early gene – a difference in protein synthesis in the direction of having that which you truly desire." 

When we have that gratitude, that signals to the body that we must already have it; and therefore, our system starts making changes in that direction to manifest that which we desire.


Crystal The Parenting Coach: That is so fascinating. And I think a lot of people talk about manifestation, but this is like actual manifestation. Like we're actually believing it. We're believing it's possible. We're feeling the gratitude, we're living our life like we already have created it. 

And one thing-- One thought practice I love to do is to wake up in the morning as I'm doing my morning practice and meditation is to imagine like, what would I be like if I had already achieved my goal? 

So, imagine myself; what am I going to feel? How do I think differently? How do I go throughout my day differently? Like what little subtle changes are inside of myself when I'm thinking about basically who my future self is – like what I want to be in the future? And then, we actually become that person.


Daryn Hubbard: Yes.


Crystal The Parenting Coach: And so, for me, circling back to parenting, because that's what I talk about a lot on this podcast, obviously, is…for me, I used to feel like it was difficult not to yell. Like it was something I had to kind of like strain myself not to do because it just always…my brain or whatever wanted to yell. 

And I don't feel that way anymore at all. Like I just-- I don't ever even feel a desire to; it doesn't ever come out just accidentally. Like it just isn't even there anymore. And I think it has to do with becoming this different – I don't want to say a different person, I think it's becoming more of who you actually are, right? Aligning yourself, like what you said, with that higher, with that higher version of yourself.


Daryn Hubbard: Yeah. And I think that that is your true self; and that is the level that we can function at, and that's the level of the super mental. And if you were to have that in your life in its pure form all the time perfectly, then you're really manifesting love. 


Crystal The Parenting Coach: Yeah. 


Daryn Hubbard: And everything that you do is based on love; how you speak, how you think, how you do things is all rooted in love. And how much of a change in your life would that make – or in my life would that make if everything I did, thought, and felt was from a place of love?


Crystal The Parenting Coach: Yeah, I love that. I love that idea. And that is, I think that is what the goal of coaching and mindfulness is…to get us more into that love space and more of that light space; and especially, that love space for ourselves because the more we feel it for us, the more we can feel it for other people. 

And I love this connection of like…and then it actually will help our immune system, it will help our bodies to do what it needs to do and to fight off the things it needs to fight off because we're kind of giving it that boost through our consciousness.


Daryn Hubbard: That's true. And the concept of creativity enters in at that point because with creativity, we have the opportunity to make a change and do something different instead of having that conditioned thing happening in our life because nothing has changed. If nothing changes, nothing changes. 

And when we think, do, or feel differently…that gives an opportunity for some – what they call – Situational Creativity, where you're, kind of, inventing something new or the fundamental creativity that they talk about where there's an actual quantum leap that you're doing, something that is so progressive compared to what you would normally do.

And it's a brand-new thing for you in your life. And it's all based on that visualization; that feeling, that thinking, and striving to align with that possibility to manifest in your life. 

And you can do that with anything – whether it's a health condition, whether it's a relationship, whether it's something that you'd like to have in your life that you don't have right now…maybe you want to be more patient. 

You know, it applies to everything. And as we transcend our conditioning, then that really opens up the possibility of having something new, which is of great value in our lives. 

The vertical axis is about character refinement and having those qualities that are connected to the super mental level in our lives to a greater degree – love, patience, kindness, all of those things. 

As we ascend in that direction, on the Y-axis, then we have a different viewpoint of things that are happening as we travel forward in time. And we're able to come at it from a higher vantage point, and it blesses our lives as well as the lives of those around us.


Crystal The Parenting Coach: I love that. I love this whole conversation. Thank you for being open to coming back again, and diving into this topic in kind of a different way.


Daryn Hubbard: You’re welcome.


Crystal The Parenting Coach: And I love how seamlessly it fits in with everything I teach in coaching. It's like you just said all of the things, but in a totally different way. And I love how it just manifests again over and over again. Right? Our thoughts are creating our reality. 

We're creating our reality; we have power to change, and the power of our mind to make those changes is huge. And that it can change so much in our physical environment, our physical wellness as we make those changes to our thoughts and consciousness and feeling and all of that. Thank you for having this conversation with us. 


Daryn Hubbard: You're welcome. Thank you.


How to connect with Daryn Hubbard

Crystal The Parenting Coach: If anybody wants to connect with you, how do they connect with you?


Daryn Hubbard: They can connect with me at my office.


Crystal The Parenting Coach: Okay. 


Daryn Hubbard: I don’t know if this is a place for phone numbers, but--


Crystal The Parenting Coach: Well, probably not because not everybody here is local, but I'll put your email in the show notes. 


Daryn Hubbard: Sure. 


Crystal The Parenting Coach: I know you don't do social media a lot, but we'll have your email in the show notes in case anyone is local to Southern Alberta and is interested in that. And yeah, thanks for--


Daryn Hubbard: Good. I also do some stuff on Zoom.


Crystal The Parenting Coach: Yeah. Oh, okay. Perfect.


Daryn Hubbard: Online stuff is possible. If you wanted to have a conversation with me, that would be fine. We can do that. I do that fairly often.


Crystal The Parenting Coach: Great.


Daryn Hubbard: As far away as Belize.


Crystal The Parenting Coach: Amazing. Amazing. I didn't know you could do it on Zoom. So, there you go. I will put his email in the show notes; and if you want to connect with him and book a session online, you can do that. And thanks again for coming on, Daryn.


Daryn Hubbard: You're welcome. That was a lot of fun. Thank you.

Crystal The Parenting Coach: Thanks for listening. If you'd like to help spread this work to the world, share this episode on social media and tag me, send it to a friend, or leave a quick rating and review below so more people can find me. If you'd like more guidance on your own parenting journey, reach out.

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