The Parenting Coach Podcast with Crystal

S05|24 - Simplify 2023, How To Create a Life of Ease

Dec 26, 2022

Join me today as we plan for next year, in the most intentional and effective ways (not setting goals!). Spend the next year full of ease, flow and intentionality- even while parenting. Tune in to hear a NEW tool you can use in every situation, and a BOOK that can help you all year long. 

On the podcast today:

  • 3 steps to create more ease and flow next year (yup, it’s possible!)
  • How to “declutter” your physical space, your to-do list and your mind, to leave room to maximize growth and expansion this year
  • Decluttering your mind with MY NEW BOOK!!
  • Knowing what is in your power to control/change and letting go of what isn’t (this is SO empowering!)
  • What energy outfits we wear during the day and how they affect us
  • The NEW “Everything Tool” that you can use in any situation to show up in the way you want as mom (and dad)
  • Committing to being the change, breaking cycles and doing the HARD work of THOUGHTS and FEELINGS (aka taking the path less traveled, of healing and growth)


Coaching has changed my own life, and the lives of my clients. More connection, more healing, more harmony, and peace in our most important relationships. It increases confidence in any parenting challenges and helps you be the guide to teach your children the family values that are important to you- in clear ways. If you feel called to integrate this work in a deeper way and become a parenting expert, that’s what I’m here for.

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