The Parenting Coach Podcast with Crystal

S06|01 - Parenting Highly-Sensitive Kids and Parents

Feb 13, 2023

Welcome to season 6! In this season you’ll hear from experts in the motherhood and parenting sphere, along with support from me- to help you uncover your own inner parenting expert. I’ll be answering the most frequently asked questions on IG and my podcast, so be sure to reach out! Today we’re digging into highly-sensitive kids and parents, and how we can support ourselves in this journey.

Today you’ll hear:

  • What a highly sensitive child (orchid child) might act like
  • The power of our thought-stories in the labels we give to children, and making sure they are supportive for us and them
  • Tips we can use to support ourselves if we are a highly-sensitive person/empath
  • The best way to parent an empathic child
  • Having compassion for US on our own healing journey, as we parent our children

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