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S06|12 - Creating a Family Brand (and strengthening difficult marriages) with Melissa Smith

May 01, 2023

Melissa Smith is a wife, and mother of 5. She is a nurse, turned entrepreneur and co-creator with her husband, Chris, of Family Brand. Family Brand is a program and a movement to help families intentionally grow together, design a life they love, and create and build relationships that last. While separated and nearly divorced years ago, she and her husband decided to change destructive narratives and rebuild with intention. Now they’re helping others take back their families too. Melissa also co-hosts Family Brand, a podcast that debuted at number two in the Kids and Family category on Apple.

In this episode:

  • Chris and Melissas touching story of their rough first years of marriage
  • What helped heal their relationship
  • How being intentional about relationships created the Family Brand
  • How to use values to help strengthen your family and build a string narrative for your children to hold on to

Connect with Melissa:
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Our Family Brand "Level-Up Your Family Program"
Family Brand Podcast on Apple: HERE


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