The Parenting Coach Podcast with Crystal

S06|14 - Creating Your Own Herbal First Aid Kit with Clinical Herbalist, Mel Mutterspaugh

May 15, 2023

Mel Mutterspaugh is a clinical herbalist, environmental educator, and homeschooling momma living in the foothills of Mt Hood Oregon. She's got a crazy passion for teaching more moms to use plants as medicine in a safe and effective way so that they can take better care of their family and ultimately, we all take better care of our planet!

Mel is also the host of The Herbalist's Path podcast, and founder of Apothecary Momma & Medicine Makin' Momma online programs. She's on a mission to inspire a movement where there's an herbalist in every home... AGAIN!

Family Herb Garden: HERE
Website HERE

Today you’ll hear:

  • Mel’s almost 20 years of learning and education about herbs and how to use them
  • How we are tuned out of the knowledge surrounding plant medicine that we used to use in every home and how we can become our own family’s herbalist again
  • What plants you use to create a first aid kit to take on any family adventure and keep your family safe
  • What herbs to use and when for things like fevers, burns, snake bites, sprains and more


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