The Parenting Coach Podcast with Crystal

S05|15 - The Secret to Gentle Parenting

Oct 24, 2022

Gentle parenting can seem elusive and hard to do in our own homes, even when we’re trying. In order to help our children find rest (safety, security and connection) in their relationship with US, we must give this to ourselves first. We can’t give, fully, what we don’t have. Come join us as we do this work… in person, information below!!

On the podcast today:

  • What gentle parenting is and different names you may hear for it (attachment parenting, connection-based parenting, conscious parenting etc.)
  • How positive parenting differs from this type of parenting
  • Traditional forms of parenting: authoritarian (or force) and permissiveness (no guidance)
  • How changing our self-concept can change everything in parenting
  • A tool to use to become more aware of your self-concept
  • Come join this work in person, for the first time ever!!


In-person energy is AMAZING, and change can be accelerated when we come together and do this work in a retreat experience. Join me at the first ever Rest, Play, Grow: The Retreat, a Self-Mothering Soul-cation for Women.

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